IDW Comics – Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games

Dangerous Games is the third series in the IDW Jurassic Park titles. The story revolving around an FBI agent by the name of Daniel Espinoza being captured by a powerful drug lord who’s base of operations happens to be on the original Jurassic Park island, Isla Nublar. Once captured, the drug lord drops the agent into middle of the jungle. In twenty-four hours his men will start “hunting” the agent. That is… if the dinosaurs on the island don’t get to him before then.

Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games Issue #1

Agent Daniel Espinoza has been captured. After going undercover for the FBI to track down and arrest the infamous Costa Rican drug lord Cazares. After his cover is blown and he is captured by the cartel. Cazares’ Enforcers take the agent to Cazares’ base of operations on Isla Nublar, the original Jurassic Park. Once there, Cazares explains that agent Espinoza will have twenty-four hours alone on the island before the cartel starts hunting him. They drop him off into the middle of the jungle, into a savage world where surviving dinosaurs now rule, and Espinoza now has to fight to stay alive.

Characters: Agent Espinoza, Cazares, Cartel, Tiburon, Female FBI Agent

Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games Issue #2

Agent Espinoza awakes to find himself in a den with raptors and a young woman. Her name is Dr. White, and she used to work for InGen. She formed a special bond with the raptors in captivity. After Peter Ludlow tried to attack her and the raptors, they fled into the jungle of Isla Nublar. Prior to the events of Jurassic Park they have been living there ever since. Dr. White takes Espinoza to the Tyrannosaur of the island to be “judged” and when it does not kill him, Dr. White decides that he is worthy to live. The cartel starts their hunt for the agent only to be attacked by White’s raptors. Tiburon survives, captures Dr. White in a net, and then gets the agent in his sights…

Characters: Agent Espinoza, Cazares, Cartel, Tiburon, Dr. Frances White, Peter Ludlow

Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games Issue #3

Agent Espinoza is being tracked by Tiburon, Cazares’ right hand man. The agent comes upon an old hydroelectric plant and tries to take cover inside. He is attacked by a territorial group of Psittacoasaurs, which are nesting in the building. When Agent Espinoza exits, Tiburon is waiting for him. The two men battle it out and Tiburon is finally thrown over the side of a cliff.

Characters: Agent Espinoza, Tiburon, Dr. Frances White

Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games Issue #4

Agent Espinoza reunites with Dr. White and now has to come up with a plan to get off of Isla Nublar before either the dinosaurs or the drug cartel can kill him. Cazares puts his men on high alert after the death of his lead man, Tiburon. Dr. White comes up with an idea of how to proceed involving scaring a herd of Triceratops into crashing through an electrified fence in order to breach security. Agent Espinoza sneaks past the wreckage and tries to find the helicopter pilot to take him off the island. He leads a group of Velociraptors into the facility filled with Cazares’ men and the dinosaurs kill the drug cartel one by one. After obtaining the keys and directions to the chopper Espinoza is cut off by Cazares as well as a giant ankylosaur under his control!

Characters: Agent Espinoza, Dr. Frances White, Cazares, Drug Cartel, Hector

Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games Issue #5

Agent Espinoza dodges an angry Ankylosaur as he tries to get to the helicopter to escape Isla Nublar. After defeating the beast, he finds his way to Cazares and instead of killing the drug lord he leaves him to Dr. White and her raptors. Dr. White knocks out Cazares as Espinoza grabs a dirt bike and heads towards the chopper. As he gets close, a pair of allosaurs sees him and gives chase. He gets to the chopper and lifts off just in time to avoid the jaws of the angry carnivores. When he reaches the mainland he is debriefed about the mission. Back on the island, Dr. White leaves Cazares to be judged by the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Characters: Agent Espinoza, Dr. White, Cazares, Drug Cartel, Female Agent

Jurassic Park: Dangerous Games Graphic Novel (#1-5)

Composed of all issues from #1 through 5.