IDW Jurassic Park: Redemption Continuity Note

Redemption is considered its own canon apart from all the other Jurassic Park comics that had been released before by Topps as well as from the film canon. Writer Bob Schreck stated that “Jurassic Park: Redemption” has no relation to the Topps “Jurassic Park” comics released in the nineties.” (Comic Book Resources)

It acknowledges the main events of each of the films, but changes the relationship between Peter Ludlow and John Hammond from the way it was intended as well as having other canon issues. Alexis Murphy, which was Lex’s real name in both the novel and the films, is now Alexa. Lewis Dodgson does not, apparently, work for BioSyn but is more of a saboteur for hire. There is also faults in the story itself, and plotholes that were never filled by the end of the story.

There is also many problems with scientific accuracy. The animals themselves are extreamly different than their real life counter parts. For example, Dimetrodon is a carnivore but it is seen eating hay in Redemption. Tyrannosaurus rex has two digits on its forelimbs but in issue five of Redemption you see a possible Tyrannosaur with three fingers.  Mussaurs never got to the size they are in the comics, and Pteranodons could never fly faster than F-22 “Raptor” Jets.

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