Jurassic Traders (S/F)

Jurassic Traders Sign
Jurassic Traders Sign

Jurassic Traders was a shop along the boardwalk at the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. The shop billed itself as the ‘largest collection of official Jurassic World merchandise’. The store carried exclusive merchandise available only at the store. The shop’s merchandise included clothing, mementos, and dinosaur toys. The family package ticket allowed guests to create either their own plush dinosaur or a 3D printed dinosaur depending on their age.

Jurassic World

During the Indominus Rex fight with the velociraptors on Main Street, Claire Dearing, Zach and Gray all hid in the Jurassic Traders outpost. Claire Dearing quickly left after realizing that that the velociraptors would not be enough, and ran to the T-rex Paddock after taking a flare from inside the shop.  As the velociraptors were all apparently killed, the Indominus turned its attention to the children inside the shop. It attempted to grab Gray’s bag from inside the shop, however Owen Grady was able to hold on to him.

The Indominus was distracted as the Tyrannosaurus Rex challenged the Rex. During the duel, the Rex was starting to lose, and so Claire Dearing shouted for the group still gathered inside of the shop to run. Owen, Gray, and Zach ran out of the shop just as the Tyrannosaur fell on top of Jurassic Traders, crushing it entirely.