Jurassic World Evolution Free 1.10 Update & Herbivore Pack Release 9/17/2019

Jurassic World: Evolution continues getting updates by Frontier Developments. Tomorrow we will be graced with a free update that does numerous optimizations and bug fixes, but most importantly allows for a sandbox environment to be played on all of the islands featured in the game from the Las Cinco Muertes to Isla Nublar! Alongside this update will come a new expansion pack dedicated to the herbivores some of which are returning favorites from Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis such as Dryosaurus and Homalocephale but also bringing another sauropod into the fold with Nigersaurus. The free update will be released automatically to update your game tomorrow and the Herbivore expansion pack will be made available in the Steam, X-Box, and Playstation stores for approximately $4.99/£3.99/€4.99. Keep in mind prices will and may vary due to local taxes and region.

Preferring forested habitats, Dryosaurus rely on their speed and dexterity, using their stiff tail as a counterbalance whilst running.

Measuring around 9 meters long, this is one of the smallest Sauropods, and despite their long neck, they feed from plants close to the ground.

With a name that means ‘even head’, the Homalocephale sports a flat, thickened, wedge-shaped skull used as a tool for head-butting.


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