Jurassic World Live Tour

The Jurassic World Live Tour is a live performance created by Feld Entertainment and toured in the United States of America that began touring in 2018 after the fifth Jurassic Park film, Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom. The Live Performance was later delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and altogether canceled from 2019 to 2022. Tour dates began resuming in October of 2022 and began again with a performance in Columbus, OH on the weekend of October 1st, 2022. The live performance is approximately one hour and thirty minutes – with a fifteen-minute intermission – and features animatronic puppets, stunts, and pyrotechnics and is considered a for-all-ages type of affair. The story revolves around the Troodon, Jeanie – short for “genius”, the team that worked with her, the recovery of her eggs, and the InGen security force trying to recover the subsequent technology that allows her to communicate with people through a device known as the electroencephalogram (EEG) device or the “dino-decoder” device. It also featured a tie-in with the character of Bumpy, from Camp Cretaceous.


Dr. Kate Walker is a behavioral scientist that has been working with the Troodon, Jeanie, developing and decoding the animal’s behavior and working on ways to bridge the gap in communication between humans and dinosaurs. She is employed at Simon Masrani’s Jurassic World island on Isla Nublar and works closely with Dr. Martin Riley in the development of such technology and ability. All is not well for Drs. Walker and Riley as the technology they have worked hard to develop have become heavily sought after by Vic Hoskin’s protégé, Kurt Reed. Reed’s motivation is strictly for military use and speaking directly to Velociraptors to get them to more easily obey commands and apply to Owen Grady’s own research involving Blue and the Raptor Squad. Reed becomes incensed when he is rebuffed routinely by not just Dr. Walker, but her ACU friend – Oscar Calderon. Eventually, the events of the 2015 Incident transpire, the Indominus Rex breaks containment and causes the cascading failure and overall evacuation of the island. In the process, Dr. Walker is forced to abandon Jeanie, the Troodon she has spent so much time with alone on the island by herself.

Drs. Walker and Riley spend the next several months being stone-walled by authorities regarding the island including even Park Operations Manager, Claire Dearing, trying to gather enough resources to return to rescue Jeanie. The general belief that Jeanie didn’t make it is present in the team until Dr. Riley’s own intern – his social media manager (Chad Barris) and Dr. Walker’s intern, a paleo-vet by the name of Alison Hughes discover that the EEG device that Jeanie was still wearing during the evacuation sends a message that Jeanie is scared and subsequently begins transmitting a signal, not on Isla Nublar itself, but in a country in South America. Drs. Walker and Riley along with Chad and Alison both depart to discover what had happened to Jeanie and why she’s in a facility in South America.

Kurt Reed and Dr. Eric Bordoff are both trying to pick up where Drs. Walker and Riley left off in their research with Jeanie and dinosaur control/communication. Dr. Bordoff is struggling and Reed is not happy as he is determined to not suffer the same fate that Vic Hoskins did during the 2015 incident. Dr. Bordoff constantly assures Kurt Reed that they will figure out the device, and with Jeanie now at their facility, they will be able to uncover the secrets quickly. This is until the facility is infiltrated by Drs. Walker, Riley, Chad, and Alison find Jeanie. They’re immediately caught by Reed and discover he’s had his own Velociraptor stock to work as security for him using a modified version of Owen Grady and Dr. Walker’s research to control them. Eventually, chaos ensues when Oscar Calderon is found to be employed as a member of his mercenary team by Reed and subsequently refuses the order to execute the trespassing four. The facility itself is abandoned and it is found out that Jeanie has eggs on Isla Nublar – the group decides to return to Jurassic World to help Jeanie find her eggs so they can protect them as well. Reed ends up following in secret right behind them.

As the group returns to Nublar they encounter a bioluminescent Stegosaurus and its young as well as have a run-in confrontation with Blue and a Triceratops as they search for Jeanie’s eggs. Eventually, they encounter both Bumpy and Blue again individually and eventually are captured by Reed and his team. Dr. Walker manages to break away from Kurt Reed and his team only for Reed to run after her and confront her. In the ensuing fight both Reed and Walker end up fighting hand-to-hand and Reed loses as he falls to his apparent demise just as when Dr. Riley is able to break free from his captors as well to help her. It happens thanks to a flock of Pteranodons taking out both Dr. Bordoff and a majority of the InGen guards. The group eventually reunites to be confronted by Reed once more who survived his fell only for the appearance of the Tyrannosaurus, which finishes Reed off as Blue and Jeanie both find a way to chase Reed into her jaws. Jeanie is now safe from the machinations of Kurt Reed and the InGen security division. As her babies hatch the group is reunited. They agree to leave Jeanie behind and escape from the island. Dr. Riley also confesses his feelings for Dr. Walker and they both get together in the end and they return to living their lives on the mainland along with Oscar, Chad, and Alison.


Dr. Kate Walker
Dr. Martin Riley
Oscar Calderon
Kurt Reed
Chad Barris
Alison Hughes
Dr. Eric Bordoff
Blue (Velociraptor)
Bumpy (Ankylosaurus)
Jeanie (Troodon)
Rexy (Tyrannosaurus)


Indominus Rex
Stegosaurus (Adult and Infant)