Katashi Hamada (S/F)

KatashiHamadaKatashi Hamada was a member of the Asset Containment Unit, an InGen security force that specialized in controlling prehistoric reptiles. He held the rank of commander and was in charge of a squad that included Craig, Lee, and Meyers.

Sent to provide security at the Jurassic World theme park, Hamda and his team were called into action when the genetically-modified Indominus rex escaped from its paddock. He followed the signal on the dinosaur’s tracking implant, only to discover the Indominus rex clawed it out of its body. As he analyzed the implant, he noticed blood was dripping on him. Hamada realized the Indominus rex was nearby and tried to escape, but was picked up by the dinosaur. Although the ACU soldiers managed to free Hamada by shooting at the Indominus rex, he was ultimately crushed to death underneath its foot.