Kelly Curtis (C/N)

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Kelly Curtis was a seventh-grade student at Woodside. Thirteen years old, she was the best friend of Arby Benton. Kelly had an unreliable mother, and grew up in a family where she could only wear her sister’s hand-me-downs and had to take care of herself. Both Kelly and Arby worked odd jobs for Richard Levine, who was working as their teacher as part of his court order. Originally, both she and Arby were prepared to go on a field trip during school break to test out a large range of equipment that Levine had ordered from Jack “Doc” Thorne. However, they were disappointed to find that the testing session was cancelled. Not wanting to be left out of finding Levine, who had gone missing, both kids stowed away in the field trailers that were destined for Isla Sorna. Originally, Kelly enjoyed the sight of the dinosaurs, but then became fearful of them after witnessing the power of the rexes and raptors. During the Velociraptor attack on the high hide Arby was locked in the predator cage. Kelly was the only person that saw the key to the cage had been taken by one individual raptor, and rode with Sarah Harding on a motorcycle to capture it.