Kelly Curtis-Malcolm (S/F)

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The daughter of Dr. Ian Malcolm. Malcolm is never home, and Kelly is usually dumped on some babysitter or relative. Having no real father take care of her, Kelly had learned to take care of herself. She joined the gymnastics team at school, but was cut from the team when her attitude conflicted with the coach. Her gymnastics skills have not lessened, as Kelly has practiced gymnastics all of her life. After being denied permission to stay with Dr. Sarah Harding, who Malcolm said was “unavailable,” she decided that she would not let Malcolm leave her behind anymore, as she stows away in the trailer, thus arriving at Site B.

When Kelly was discovered by Malcolm and the others, she was drawn directly into the conflict with the hunters.  Witnessing the capture of several dinosaurs, she thought InGen was planning to build a park once again only to learn of the plot to take the dinosaurs to the mainland.  When the infant Tyrannosaurus was brought to the trailers by Nick Van Owen, she insisted to be somewhere more safe and was taken to the High Hide. Being left once again by Malcolm and then Eddie Carr due to the arrival of the adult Tyrannosaurus, Kelly was rescued by the InGen Hunters.  In a trek across Isla Sorna, she encountered the angered mother Tyrannosaurus and was saved by a cave behind a waterfall thanks to Nick’s efforts.  Her gymnastics skills proved to be useful, as she used them to kill one of the Velociraptors which attacked them once they entered the Worker’s Village.  She, Nick, Malcolm and Sarah were rescued by a helicopter that had just arrived thanks to Nick’s radio for help and she arrived to the mainland safely.

Kelly is sometimes confused with having the last name of Malcolm on other sources, but the credits list her as “Kelly Curtis”. Kelly Curtis was played by Vanessa Lee Chester.