Kirby Paint and Tile Plus (S/F)

Kirby Paint and Tile Plus is a store run by Paul Kirby in the Westgate Shopping Center of Enid, Oklahoma; the “Plus” in the name stands for “bathroom fixtures.” When Paul tricked Alan Grant and Billy Brennan into accompanying him to Isla Sorna in 2001, he claimed to be the multimillionaire owner of the fictional Kirby Enterprises, located at 2600 Cheyenne Avenue (also in Enid, Oklahoma). According to Paul, Kirby Enterprises had made business dealings with the Costa Rican government, implying that it was an import/export and emerging markets business and saying that he had made friends in high places, which he used as further cover to convince Grant and Brennan that their aerial tour of Isla Sorna was legal. Once Grant figured out that Paul had lied to them, especially that he wouldn’t be paid his astronomical fee for going to the island, Paul promised Grant that he would cover the expense of any flooring or bathroom projects that he needed done.