Level Eight – The Summit (T/C)

The eighth and final level of Jurassic Park: Trespasser begins with Anne standing atop the elevator which brought her up the mountain. Ahead of her is the windmill facility along with two Tribe C Velociraptors. Anne must climb to the building near the back of the area, climb up the tipped-over dumpster, and climb up onto the roof. From there, she must walk across the platform leading to the other building’s roof, which has an entry point. Anne must climb into the building, and push the red button on the wall.

Upon pushing the button, the radio set on the table will activate, and Anne will be connected with the United States Navy. The two will have a back-and-forth conversation, and she will be told that a helicopter is coming to rescue her. Afterwards, Anne must walk out the door and head to the top of the peak. Anne must head up the hill and climb up the stairs, walk across the platform and begin walking up the mountain. At the second flight of stairs, there will be another Tribe C Velociraptor. On the stairs will be a SPAS-12. After clearing the flight of stairs, another Tribe C Velociraptor waits, near another flight of stairs.

After climbing up the hill, two Tribe C Velociraptors wait, and Anne must walk up the incline, walk across the platform and head towards the complex of stairs. After clearing the platforms. After making it to the helipad, Anne will meet the remains of a human surrounded by a cluster of weapons, and nearby will be two Tribe C Velociraptors and the alpha Velociraptor, which is twice as large as the regular raptors. After subduing them, Anne must push one of the boxes against the cluster of larger boxes, climb atop of them, jump through the gap in the fencing, walk down to the helipad, which ends the game.