Level Four – The Town (T/C)

The fourth area of Trespasser begins with Anne behind the fence she had jumped over in the Jungle Road. She must first walk over towards one of two areas; the small concrete area which will have two Desert Eagles to Anne’s right, and where you will have to enter a code into the keypad, which will be 317618. The other way is through a sewage pipe near the end of the fencing to the left. Their will be no guns, and entering will take you behind Wu’s home. The only catch is a Tribe B Velociraptor will be around the exit of the sewage pipe.

Either way, Anne needs to go to the Church; a white building to the East of the Park with the Burroughs statue. Near the Church will be a Tribe B Velociraptor, and not too far away will be about three Tribe A Velociraptors.

Upon entering the Church, Anne will have to enter a room on the ground level. Inside the room, on a desk will be a blue InGen keycard, and Anne need’s that keycard in order to gain access to the Power Room in the Operations Center the default way. If Anne goes upstairs in the Church, behind a couple crates will be the Lindstrat air rifle, the one which was seen used by Eddie Carr. Next, Anne must exit the Church and head for the Operations Center. Along the way, she will encounter two Tribe B Velociraptors.

Their are two ways to enter to the Power Room where you turn on the electricity; either enter the room manually by using the blue keycard, or going up the stairs to the Helicopter Pad, jump from a broken part of the Helicopter Pad, make a Leap of Faith to the roof, and land carefully into the room through a hole in the roof above the Power Room. In the Animal Control room with be two AK-47’s, which will be useful when encountering the next dinosaur later on. Inside the Power Room, Anne has to turn on the electricity, by pressing all four buttons on the monitor, and press the red “A” button which will turn green upon pressing.

After exiting the Operations Center, Anne must head towards Wu’s home near the front Gates and the concrete room. Anne will push open the walls gates, and enter the house. Inside Anne will need to find a red InGen keycard which will unlock the gate to Hammond’s mansion. Going upstairs will be a Redhawk, but nothing else.

After exiting Wu’s house, Anne needs to go to Hammond’s mansion across the street. Using the red keycard, Anne unlocks the gate to Hammond’s mansion, and to both of her sides will be some ancient Mayan ruins, possibly taken from the Mayan ruins on the island. After entering the area, Anne must go behind a large rock the second-closest to the back wall, and behind the rock will be a white InGen keycard, which is needed to unlock the room with a personal computer. After entering the house from the backyard, she may want to take a left upon entering. Hidden by a bookshelf will be a floppy disk, containing one of Hammond’s personal diaries from the 1950s, describing apparently the meeting and loss of his first love.

Because of the staircase being out of order, a conveniently placed set of crates will be needed to go up the staircase. Anne will need the white keycard and the floppy disk, so Anne may want to throw one of the items up their so they dont affect your jumping. Once on the second floor, the stun gun which was used by Dieter Stark makes a cameo, sitting in the windowsill of the window closest to the InGen astronomy map next to it, which, if Anne look’s closely, matches the exact location of the rocks outside where the white keycard was found; in the exact same place as the Big Dipper. Anne must head towards the room where the white keycard is needed, unlock the door, and enter the room. Take out the floppy disk, and set it on the little processor connected to the computer. Then, touch the keyboard and Hammonds diary will begin playing, starting another line when the keyboard is touched again.

At the Western portion of the room will be a map of Isla Sorna, showing the areas of the island, from the Monorail Tracks to the South Docks. Anne may hear some interesting information upon pressing the white buttons below the map. Now, abandon the white keycard and the floppy disk, then enter Hammond’s room. Under a small table will be Hammond’s Revolver, a ladies model according to Anne. After this, exit Hammond’s Mansion and head for the Southern Gate. Push open the gates and Anne will find two pistols in a small storage locker.

Continuing walking down the road, Anne will encounter a pair of Tyrannosaurus attacking and killing a Parasaurolophus. The Parasaurolophus will almost always be killed, and after the herbivore is dead, the two Rexes will fight each other. Anne has the option of either using this opportunity to escape or watch the Rexes fight to the death. Anne will continue down the dirt road untill she reaches the Flood Control Building. Along the way, she will encounter several Tribe B Velociraptors, so it is recommended you have a loaded gun on hand when you encounter a Tribe B Velociraptor.

After heading towards the Flood Cotnrol Building, enter the room and you will see a small control panel with a switch on it. Turn the switch, and the metal gate will open up. Anne can either walk up the staircase and continue across the Dam, or walk across a large crack in the concrete Dam and enter the room, where what remains of a human will be found at the end of the hallway.

After this, walk across the Dam, which for its large size, doesn’t have a drop of water inside it. Go across the bridge and grab the Tranquillizer rifle. Kill the two remaining raptors around the gate, then reach towards the gate and enter to the Lab.