Level Three – Industrial Jungle (T/C)

The third level of Jurassic Park: Trespasser begins with Anne standing behind the wall. To her right is an M-14 rifle, and ahead is a continuous path surrounded by tall dirt barriers. As Anne walks through the path, the narrowness becomes less prominent, and Anne will encounter her first enemy, a Tribe A Velociraptor. After killing the Velociraptor, Anne will find a Beretta 93-R pistol, which is lying on the ground close to the sides of the barrier.

While Anne continues to trek across the path, the path becomes filled with large rocks, and Anne will see an abandoned InGen vehicle, which is lying precariously on the edge of the barrier. If she shoots the vehicle, it will tilt and fall onto the path. Shortly ahead another Tribe A Velociraptor waits.

After subduing the Velociraptor, the path will have a large pond in the way, which Anne must swim across to continue. After clearing the pond, another Tribe A Velociraptor waits. Afterward, Anne encounters a Tribe A Velociraptor and another abandoned InGen vehicle. If Anne chooses to go inside the truck, she will find a few boxes and a Heckler & Koch HK-91 rifle.

After subduing another Tribe A Velociraptor ahead, the path will be relatively clear of enemies until Anne spots both a Tribe A and Tribe B Velociraptor, which will be prowling around above the path. After killing the two dinosaurs, Anne will approach a wider path, with much more narrow walkways and tighter spaces. Shortly ahead is a Tribe A Velociraptor.

For a short time, there will be no enemies, until Anne spots a Tribe A Velociraptor, standing precariously close to an abandoned InGen vehicle hanging warily over the ledge. Anne can shoot the vehicle, causing the car to smother and kill the Velociraptor, although sometimes this does not work, as the raptor can dodge the vehicle in time.

Afterward, the path will be clear of enemies until Anne reaches a flat, open plain. Prowling around will be two Tribe A Velociraptors and one male Tyrannosaurus. According to dialogue from Dr. Hammond, InGen had cloned seven Tyrannosaurs, making them the seven rulers of the island. He adds that despite popular belief, Tyrannosaurus was not a scavenger, where they clocked one at seventy kilometers per hour (or 43 miles per hour).

Shortly ahead lies a Parasaurolophus, walking around near the entrance to the gorge. After entering, Anne will come to a small clearing where three Tribe A Velociraptor’s will be found near some large rib cage bones (judging by the size they are either Tyrannosaurus or Brachiosaurus, as no other animal is that large), along with a few human skulls.

As Anne continues through the gorge, the walls get much taller, and the path steadily gets smaller as Anne continues, where the path continues going deeper into the ground. After crossing through a small cave, Anne enters a large, open clearing surrounded by very tall walls, four Tribe A Velociraptors, more dinosaur and human skeletons, and a crashed blue-and-white helicopter which has the words “BioSyn” on the side, the company which rivaled InGen and which employed Dennis Nedry to steal the dinosaur embryo’s in the first Jurassic Park movie.

If Anne chooses to trek onto the path carved into the gorge walls a human skeleton, presumably a BioSyn agent, next to an AK-47 rifle. After leaving the clearing, Anne will find two Tribe A Velociraptors ahead. After killing the two raptors, Anne treks around the area and walks across a fallen log, which connects the two land masses together. This can be tricky, as she can easily fall off and plummet to her death. After going across the log, Anne continues back into the normal forest terrain, where a Tribe A Velociraptor welcomes her.

Shortly ahead, a rock-climbing puzzle awaits her, which she must climb in order to pass. After completing the puzzle, Anne comes across a very large cliff, where below lies a small pond. In order to continue, Anne must jump down and land into the pond, breaking her fall. After this, Anne will find a Parasaurolophus, an Albertosaurus and two Tribe B Velociraptor. Ahead is a dried-up riverbed which serves as a path for Anne. Continuing down the path, Anne will find several boxes, an abandoned truck, and large, metal powerlines which leads to the Town.

Nearby is a small shed, and further ahead lies the wreckage of a small jet (judging from the looks it appears to be a modified Beechcraft King Air, the same plane used in Jurassic Park 3, although this is unconfirmed), which reads the words “N786G” on the tail-wings. Inside lies an AK-47 rifle with a drum magazine. Nearby the plane crash are two Tribe B Velociraptors and one Parasaurolophus. After departing the area, Dr. Hammond notes that not all the species cloned survived, and in the end only a few adjusted to the new world, indicating that there were other species cloned on Isla Sorna aside from the current roster of species.

Shortly ahead are two more Tribe B Velociraptors, and further ahead lies what appear to be a small mass of construction equipment, which is a small crane and a few boxes. Anne must climb on top of the crane and walk across the crane and enter the Town, which ends the level.

Production Note: 

In the part where Anne crushes the Velociraptor with the vehicle, there is a rock next to the area that was written by Steven Spielberg and his son Max. The idea for the jeep puzzle was apparently Steven and Max Spielberg’s idea. The rock reads:

“No thanks required. The pleasure was all ours. (signed) Steven Spielberg, Max Spielberg”.

Picture of the rock with the message in-game.
Picture of the rock in-game.