Level Two – Jungle Road (T/C)

The second level of Trespasser starts off with Anne on the other side of the fence from the end of Level One. Whatever weapons the player had had at the end of the first level are now gone (for whatever reason). However, a Desert Eagle can be found in an open container to the player’s immediate right.

Straight ahead is a monorail. Anne follows it, and eventually comes to  Smith & Wesson 686. Continuing on, Anne finds a Stegosaurus, eating happily. Several yards ahead is a large boulder, behind which is a Velociraptor, which can be led by the player to attack the Stegosaur, distracting it from Anne. This doesn’t always work, however.

Anne later comes to another raised piece of monorail track, with several boxes stacked on top. She shoots them down (of if the player is out of ammo, there’s a helmet sitting nearby which can be thrown at them). And uses them to create a makeshift stairway to get onto a large crate, and jumps to higher ground.

Anne then comes to a small shed, with a Benelli Super 90 shotgun inside, and a Desert Eagle close by. In front of the shed is another Velociraptor. After dropping it, Anne moves on, eventually coming to a valley where two Raptors and a Triceratops are fighting. The player can either stay and observe, or move on.

The player can either go left or right, the right path leading uphill, to a broken payphone, finally coming to a monorail, which can be climbed onto via crates. Nearby is another Raptor.

Some crates are on the ground several yards ahead. Anne drops onto them. Nearby is another shotgun, along with a Ruger Redhawk in a weapons cabinet.

Anne follows a path to a high stack of crates, on top of which is an MP5K, which can be obtained by knocking down the crates. Nearby is another large box, which the player can jump onto by using one of the smaller crates that fell from the tower. After on top of the box, Anne jumps to higher ground, and continues on.

Following the path, Anne comes to another Stegosaur being hunted by Raptors, which won’t notice the player if he sneaks around the side.

Afterwards, Anne finds a crane*, close to which is a Barrett M8, which can be used to take out the several Raptors hanging around a monorail. Climbing onto the crane and walking along the arm, Anne jumps to the adjacent monorail track.

Walking along the length of the track, Anne must jump several gaps (it is recommended that the player saves before each jump), while Raptors circle beneath her. Eventually, Anne will come to a gap too wide to jump. After jumping to the ground, she continues on, eventually coming to a ramp, which can be used to get back onto the monorail track. This time, the track is much higher, and falling usually results in Anne’s death.

After reaching the end of this section of track, Anne jumps onto another crane, which can be used to get to the third and final piece of monorail track. Close to the crane is a Desert Eagle and a SPAS-12 shotgun. After climbing back onto the monorail, Anne continues walking down the length of it.

The level ends when the player approaches the end of the track.


* Note – If the player chose to go left when after witnessing the Triceratops and Raptors fight, he would have came to the crane via a different route, passing a Parasaurolophus and avoiding the aforementioned obstacles.