Alexa "Lex" Murphy (IDW-JPR)

 Disambiguation Links – Alexis “Lex” Murphy ((CB-Topps), Alexis “Lex” Murphy (S/F), Alexis “Lex” Murphy (C/N), Alexis “Lex” Murphy (JN)

Alexa “Lex” Murphy is now the manager/owner of her own conglomerate company known as Lexxcrops she own natural vegetation and fruit crops all over the world including Glen Rose, Texas. She is also trying to appeal to the UN to keep the islands of Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna off limits to anyone. Upon hearing of her crops in Glen Rose being vandalized she goes in to investigate only to find out that new dinosaurs are behind it. She joins her brother Tim, as well as reunites with old friends (Dr. Grant and Sattler) to stop the dinosaurs.

Lex’s name in the Redemption story is another example of canon issues presented in the series. In the novels, films, and all other media relating to the films Lex’s real name is Alexis, not Alexa.