Limbo (S/F)

Limbo is an adult Baryonyx that was originally intended as an exhibit for the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. Limbo was part of a trio with two other adult Baryonyx specimens, Grim and Chaos. Each Baryonyx was easily identifiable via a distinctive color scheme, and Grim was easily identifiable through its dark brown coloration over its Dorsal side, and a light greenish-yellow scheme throughout its ventral side.

Grim reunites with the pack.

Chaos and Limbo would travel to the abandoned veterinary clinic as they pursued the scent of their imprisoned pack mate, Grim. Scaring Darius, Brooklynn and Sammy away, Chaos would futilely attempt to free Grim, even as Limbo would chase after the children. The children free some imprisoned Stegosaurus to attempt to scare off the predators, and it succeeds. However Darius frees Grim, and the reunited pack mates manage to cause the Stegosaurs to stampede.

A few days later, the pack would be investigating an abandoned field laboratory at the same time that Brooklynn, Yasmina, and Sammy were inside the building. Although initially missing the children, Chaos and Limbo quickly realize that they are hiding, and begin their pursuit once alerted to Brooklynn’s fall. Chaos chases the children through the laboratory, but becomes stuck in the narrow hallway as it collides with Limbo.

An unspecified amount of time later, the Baryonyx trio would be roaming around the garage at the same time that Bumpy, Hap, Brooklynn, Ben, and Kenji were in the area. Upon seeing Brooklynn open the door to the garage, the Baryonyx trio charged the entrance attempting to attack the kids, however, the garage exploded, stunning them and allowing them to gain some distance from the predator trio.

Hap’s last stand

The humans continued to be pursued by the trio, and  they were chased through a host of obstacles, including a cluster of narrow rocks. Seeing that they are outnumbered, Hap begged them to untie him, and he is untied by Kenji as he uses the shock stick against the Baryonyx. To buy time, Hap stayed behind to distract Grim, Chaos and Limbo, as they surrounded him.

Chaos and Limbo watch the Rex eat Mitch

The Baryonyx trio would stalk Mitch and Tiff as they left Main Street. Grim attempted to attack the poachers, but was shot dead by Tiff. As they departed, Chaos and Limbo approached their fallen comrade, lingering briefly over the body, before starting to track Mitch and Tiff’s last known path.


Tiff’s final moments

Chaos and Limbo would continue to track the hunters, choosing to stay hidden as they witnessed Rexy devour Mitch. As Tiff made her escape to the docks, Chaos and Limbo would stealthily get on the boat without her knowledge, waiting until she had departed from the dock before making their presence known. As Tiff was still gloating from her apparent victory, she looked up to see Chaos and Limbo staring outside the window at her. Shortly afterwards, they break through the glass and kill her.