2018 Lockwood Manor Incident (S/F)

The 2018 Lockwood Manor incident, or Lockwood Estate incident, was a highly influential series of events which took place at the personal estate of Benjamin Lockwood beginning in the morning of June 22 and ending by June 25, 2018. This occurred concurrently with the illegal evacuation of de-extinct life from Isla Nublar, which began shortly before the U.S. Senate voted to take no action regarding the volcanic threat posed to the life on the island. During the incident, plans were made to transport the animals to the Lockwood Estate rather than Sanctuary Island as promised. This was a result of a conspiracy formed between the Lockwood Foundation’s financial manager Eli Mills and disgraced geneticist Henry Wu; the animals were to be sold on the black market in order to continue financing Wu’s hybridization research.

The auction was partially successful, but was disrupted by animal activists from the Dinosaur Protection Group. Due to the events that followed, Wu’s experimental Indoraptor escaped and caused multiple fatalities before being killed, and the unsold de-extinct animals were released from the laboratory sub-basement and fled into the surrounding woodland. Benjamin Lockwood was murdered during the incident.


During the 1980s, International Genetic Technologies, Inc. (founded in 1975) performed de-extinction research with the intention to build a theme park exhibiting animals and plants from the Mesozoic era. The company, at the time, was headed by its CEO and President Dr. John P. A. Hammond and his partner in business Benjamin Lockwood. While Hammond was chiefly the visionary behind the project, Lockwood was its main financial beneficiary due to his large fortune. Operations eventually moved from Lockwood’s estate near Orick, California to the Costa Rican island of Isla Sorna, which was leased by InGen in 1982. In 1985, InGen added another island site, Isla Nublar, to the lease, abandoning the mostly-completed San Diego location for their theme park. On Isla Sorna in 1986, a Triceratops horridus was cloned from ancient DNA found in a mosquito preserved in Cretaceous amber.

In the early 1990s, Lockwood and Hammond began to disagree on matters of bioethics. Lockwood believed that their cloning techniques could be used for purposes other than de-extinction, such as medical human cloning. Hammond vehemently disagreed and forbid InGen’s technology from being used for this purpose. A schism formed between the two men, leading to Lockwood leaving the company sometime before 1993. Hammond continued leading the company without him.

The Jurassic Park project failed in June of 1993 after years of struggle, and Isla Nublar was abandoned. Isla Sorna was abandoned two years later due to the approach of Hurricane Clarissa. InGen faced financial ruin in the mid-to-late 1990s, deposing Hammond in early 1997. His replacement Peter Ludlow attempted to save the company by removing dinosaurs from Isla Sorna to revive Jurassic Park: San Diego, but this attempt was sabotaged by Hammond and failed as well. The result was the accidental release of a bull Tyrannosaurus rex into San Diego, which abruptly revealed de-extinction to the public. The following year, Masrani Global Corporation purchased InGen after its CEO Simon Masrani gained interest in Dr. Henry Wu’s genetic research.

Between 1998 and 2002, Masrani Global Corporation prepared for a resurrected version of Jurassic Park which was named Jurassic World. The park was opened on May 30, 2005 and quickly became one of the world’s most famous theme parks. It also allowed Dr. Wu to continue his research with the full funding of Masrani Global Corporation. He had discovered how to create new genera by hybridizing different species in the 1990s, and was intrigued to see what else this could achieve.

Due to the park’s need to increase its revenues, Dr. Wu was authorized in 2008 by Simon Masrani and Claire Dearing to use his research to create a new park attraction through hybridization. He was also approached by head of InGen Security Vic Hoskins about the hybrid project, as Hoskins believed a partnership between InGen and the U.S. Armed Forces could benefit both parties. Hoskins’s plan was to bioengineer an animal species that could be used by the military to succeed where drones could not, which would in turn also save Jurassic World from revenue stagnation by selling the animal to the government. Not long after, Benjamin Lockwood lost his daughter Charlotte; about a year before her death, she succeeded at cloning herself, creating a daughter named Maisie. Before she died, Charlotte Lockwood was able to use a virus-borne genetic modification to purge Maisie Lockwood of the genetic disorder that would shortly thereafter claim Charlotte’s life. To keep her daughter safe, Charlotte did not disclose her existence, and her death was attributed to a vehicular accident.

John Hammond had passed away in 1997, and sometime after this Lockwood began looking to get involved with InGen again. By 2010 or 2011, his financial aide Eli Mills met with Jurassic World’s Claire Dearing to begin a new partnership between InGen and the Lockwood Foundation, which was successful. Sometime after this, Mills began funding Wu’s hybridization project.

The resulting hybrid, a theropod called Indominus rex, hatched in 2012. That same year, Hoskins also began overseeing InGen’s I.B.R.I.S. project, which researched raptor behavior in an effort to determine how best to integrate them into Jurassic World. A new breed of Velociraptor was created by Wu for this project, as previous versions had responded poorly to training methods.

On December 22, 2015, the maturing Indominus escaped its paddock due to corporate mismanagement. Wu and Hoskins had not disclosed the animal’s military design to Dearing or even Masrani, so Jurassic World’s staff was unaware of its evasive abilities and therefore unprepared to respond adequately. As a result, numerous staff members died in the effort to stop the escaped animal, and the bad press resulting from the incident permanently closed Jurassic World. Hoskins and Masrani both died in the incident, and Dr. Wu was evacuated by InGen Security. As he was primarily blamed for the Indominus escape, he was put under investigation by the U.S. government and stripped of his credentials. InGen moved Wu and some of his equipment and samples to the Lockwood estate, where Mills hid him from the authorities. The government raided Wu’s lab and seized his Indominus DNA samples before he could acquire them, leaving him incapable of continuing his research.

Wu and Mills’s partnership was based solely on Wu’s ability to provide the bioengineered military animals that Mills intended to sell. As a result, Mills and Wu agreed to retrieve an Indominus DNA sample from the only source the government had not seized: the animal’s skeletal remains, located at the bottom of the Jurassic World Lagoon where it had died. While the mercenary team they hired suffered heavy casualties during the operation, they retrieved a sample of rib bone which was brought back to the estate in June 2016. Wu used this to modify the Indominus genome in the way that Hoskins had suggested, increasing the proportion of Velociraptor DNA to make the animal smaller and more suited to social behavior. This, along with other genetic modification, resulted in a new genus Wu named Indoraptor.

While a prototype of this animal survived as of two years later, it did not demonstrate empathy or loyalty due to lacking any familial relationships. Wu determined by the summer of 2018 that raising an Indoraptor with a parental figure would solve this problem, and that a genetically close relative would be suitable. At that time, only one Velociraptor was confirmed to be alive, an I.B.R.I.S. specimen named Blue living on the abandoned Isla Nublar. Mills hired mercenary Ken Wheatley to lead the operation to recover Blue, along with many other dinosaurs which would be sold on the black market to finance the Indoraptor project.

Attempts to capture the elusive animal failed throughout early June, and with the volcanic Mount Sibo showing signs of imminent eruption, Mills changed plans. On June 22, the U.S. Senate declared that the government would take no action to save the dinosaurs from extinction despite the prompting of animal rights activists. Since the incident at Jurassic World, former Operations Manager Claire Dearing had become an activist herself and founded the Dinosaur Protection Group; as Mills and Dearing had history together, he chose to use her to achieve his goal. Lockwood himself, while unaware of Mills and Wu’s projects (or even Wu’s presence in his home), intended to rescue the dinosaurs if the government would not. Lockwood and Mills cooperated on this part of the expedition, Lockwood intending to bring the dinosaurs to Sanctuary Island where they would remain safe. The operation began in the morning of June 22.

Incident Summary

Friday, June 22, 2018
  • The U.S. Senate announces its non-action policy regarding Isla Nublar to the press shortly after 8am Eastern Time. Immediately after the announcement is made, Lockwood contacts Claire Dearing at the Dinosaur Protection Group headquarters in San Francisco to invite her to his estate. Dearing agrees, and is chauffeured by Lockwood’s staff up north to Orick. This would be about a five-and-a-half-hour drive.
  • Based on travel time estimates, Dearing most likely arrived at Lockwood’s residence around 12:40pm. Despite the length of the drive, she arrived early for her meeting. She is greeted by Lockwood’s aide, Iris Carroll, who goes to inform Lockwood that she has arrived. Mills also comes to greet her. Together, Mills and Lockwood describe the mission to Dearing, informing her of the existence of Sanctuary and their ability to relocate the animals there. Maisie Lockwood listens in on the discussion, though she tries to remain hidden as strangers are not supposed to know about her.
  • Carroll brings Lockwood away from the group for routine medical reasons, and Mills finishes explaining the mission to Dearing. The animals’ RFID chips are still in service, but the tracking and containment system is still shut down; Dearing’s biometric credentials can reactivate it. The team will access Radio Bunker 02-17, turn on the tracking system, and use this to locate the animals they aim to save, including the elusive Blue. Dearing expresses doubt that Blue can be captured, and reluctantly agrees to recruit former InGen animal behaviorist Owen Grady (with whom she had previously had a romantic relationship) for the mission. She leaves for his residence.
  • Maisie learns from her grandfather about the mission and is excited to learn that the dinosaurs will be safe soon.
Saturday, June 23, 2018
  • The recruited team members (Dearing and Grady, along with DPG activists Zia Rodriguez and Franklin Webb) depart on an airplane for Isla Nublar.
  • Mills is contacted by Wheatley with a status update about the mission; Blue has been acquired. Mills, however, is alarmed to hear in the background of the call the sounds of volcanic activity, and learns that Mount Sibo has erupted. While he talks with Wheatley, he is briefly interrupted by Maisie as she wants to learn if the dinosaurs are safe yet. He sends her away, and she becomes suspicious that something has gone wrong that Mills doesn’t want her to know about. Lockwood’s ship, the S.S. Arcadia, leaves the Jurassic World East Dock shortly after 1pm, Wheatley having left Dearing and Webb to die while actively attempting to murder Grady. Due to Blue being shot during the operation, Rodriguez was kept alive on the condition that she could treat Blue’s wound, and was brought on board the Arcadia. It is unclear if Mills had originally planned for the DPG activists to be murdered once Blue was captured, or if Wheatley took it upon himself to do so.
  • The black-market auctioneer Mills hired for the auction, Gunnar Eversoll, arrives at the Lockwood estate. He is frustrated that the dinosaurs are not yet here, though Mills assures him they are en route. Eversoll expresses doubt that the animals can be sold for the extreme profit that Mills advertises, and Mills takes him into the sub-basement laboratory to show him their future plans. This includes using the Isla Nublar dinosaurs as seed money to finance the creation and training of more Indoraptors, which can be sold to military and paramilitary organizations around the world. Eversoll is impressed with the concept and agrees to go forward with the auction. Maisie, still suspicious that Mills had been hiding something, spied on them as they discussed the auction before entering the elevator to the lab.
  • Maisie attempts to warn Lockwood of Mills’s plans, but Lockwood appears not to believe her story and sends her to bed. He does actually take her warning seriously, but pretends as though everything is fine so that she does not worry any further. However, Maisie does not believe him when he says she must have misheard what Mills was saying, and plans to uncover evidence of Mills’s treachery herself.
Sunday, June 24, 2018
  • Maisie sneaks into the lab to try and recover evidence of Mills’s conspiracy. While in the lab, she discovers video footage of early stages of the I.B.R.I.S. project, which Wu had been using to build a loyalty training regimen for future Indoraptors with Blue as a surrogate parent. Maisie overhears Mills and Wu arguing about finances and the project’s development speed, and as she hides from them, she discovers the prototype Indoraptor. The creature intentionally frightens her for its own entertainment; her screams alert Mills, who is horrified to discover that she has been sneaking about and learning his plans.
  • Mills locks Maisie in her room and gives Carroll instructions not to let her out. Carroll is confused, but does not dare disobey Mills’s orders. However, she tells him that Lockwood is demanding to see him.
  • The Arcadia arrives at Lockwood’s harbor and loads out. Rodriguez is brought to the lab by Wheatley, having successfully saved Blue’s life; she is expected to take blood samples for Wu. Dearing, Grady, and Webb had all escaped the island as stowaways; Webb is mistaken for a crewmember and conscripted into work, while Dearing and Grady escape detection and quietly commandeer a vehicle to travel with the convoy. Webb, having made it to the mansion under the guise of a crewmember of the Arcadia, is now conscripted into work as a lab technician.
  • The convoy arrives at the Lockwood estate. A mercenary recognizes Dearing and Grady from the island as they enter the estate grounds, alerting Wheatley by radio.
  • Animals are brought to the loading dock, their crates moved inside. They are forced from their crates into lift cages, which bring them to holding cells in the laboratory sub-basement.
  • Mills finally works up the courage to see Lockwood, who confronts him about his betrayal. Mills attempts to justify his actions by claiming he was doing what was best for the Lockwood fortune; Lockwood does not accept this justification and demands that Mills turn himself in to the police and call off the auction. In an act of desperation, his plan close to failing, Mills murders Lockwood by smothering.
  • While the convoy halts to let the foremost vehicles finish loading, Dearing notices a dirt road leading toward U.S. Highway 101 and the tiny town of Orick, California. Grady reasons that from here they should be able to call the authorities and stop the auction. Before they can head down the road, they are accosted by Wheatley; the mercenaries capture the pair.
  • Dearing and Grady are imprisoned in one of the unused animal holding cells at the estate. Both of them blame themselves for their part in bringing Mills’s plans to fruition. Mills attempts to apologize for using Dearing, who does not accept his apology; Wheatley offers to quietly kill the both of them later, which Mills considers authorizing. However, they are left alive for now.
  • Auction guests begin to arrive. A full house is expected.
  • Maisie uses a coat hanger to get the key from her door lock, which Carroll did not remove. She tries to go downstairs to warn Lockwood again, but finds the stairway guarded by one of Mills’s mercenaries. With this way blocked, she instead sneaks from her balcony across the mansion’s exterior to the window of Lockwood’s room.
  • All of the auction guests have arrived. They include development representatives from Aldaris Pharmaceuticals, a proxy for Slovenian arms dealer Gregor Adlrich, equine buyers for Texan oil magnate Rand Magnus, Russian mobster Anton Orlov, and others from many countries and regions including Great Britain, the European Union, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, Kuwait, the Cayman Islands, Oman, and Russia. There will also be a large number of phone and online bidders.
  • Maisie reaches Lockwood’s room via the roof. She tries to wake him, but finds that he is dead. Before she has a chance to mourn her grandfather, Mills arrives, and she hides in a dumbwaiter. Mills “discovers” Lockwood’s death and alerts Carroll, making it appear as though Lockwood passed in his sleep. With Lockwood gone, Mills assumes control of his estate; under this new authority, he dismisses Carroll in order to become Maisie’s sole guardian. This places the Lockwood fortune and its heir in his possession. Carroll leaves the estate. Maisie uses the dumbwaiter to flee to the sub-basement where the dinosaurs are held.
  • In the lab, the animals have mostly woken up from their tranquilizers. Grady finds that a Stygimoloch is held in the cell adjoining their own; knowing that high-pitched sounds provoke these animals, he whistles at it. The agitated creature charges the source of the sound; Grady continues whistling, hoping that the dinosaur is strong enough to break through the brick-and-mortar wall.
  • The auction begins, the Lockwood garage having been refitted into an auction hall. The first animal sold is an Ankylosaurus, bought by Indonesian bidder 81 over the phone through a proxy for US $10,000,000. A juvenile Allosaurus is the second animal sold for approximately US $11,000,000; this is followed by others including an unidentified animal sold for US $10,942,000, a Stegosaurus (which sells to bidder 187 for US $17,000,000), and a Baryonyx (which sells to bidder 178 for US $21,000,000). At this point of the auction, profit has come to a total of US $128,000,000, with 98 bids having been made (8 on the Ankylosaurus and 16 on the Baryonyx). Sold animals are loaded onto trucks and shipped off. Also sold is a cold-storage briefcase containing 24 DNA samples from 12 species, which is bought for an unknown amount by the same buyer as the Baryonyx. Both were eventually shipped out on a Russian airplane, suggesting the buyer may have been Orlov.
  • Grady’s efforts pay off: the weakened wall breaks apart under the attacks of the Stygimoloch, which he then lures into ramming the cage door to bust it open. The two head for the elevator, but discover Maisie; she initially tries to flee from them, but recognizes Grady from the I.B.R.I.S. videos she had watched earlier today. Realizing that Grady is a man who cares about the dinosaurs’ safety, she agrees to come with Grady and Dearing. They learn that Lockwood is dead, and plan to find Rodriguez and Webb before escaping to find the authorities.
  • With another animal sold for US $21,000,000, the auction is halfway complete. Mills and Eversoll unveil the Indoraptor as a teaser, intending to whet the buyers’ appetites to bring them back for future auctions. The animal’s training regimen is demonstrated; it has been trained to kill targets selected with a laser sight, triggered by a high-pitched acoustic signal. From within the maintenance corridors, Dearing, Grady, and Maisie watch the auction and see the Indoraptor; Maisie explains that it is Wu’s creation, and Grady decides to stop the auction immediately instead of going to the authorities and risk the experimental hybrid from falling into the hands of international criminals. The hybrid’s fearsome portrayal makes an even bigger impression than expected; Anton Orlov bids US $20,000,000 on the animal despite Eversoll clearly stating that this is a prototype and not for sale. Other bidders join in, however, and Mills permits the prototype to be sold. Henry Wu protests, wanting to keep the Indoraptor from going open-source, but Mills is unconcerned about rival geneticists acquiring Wu’s research and allows the bidding to continue. Wu storms off to his lab.
  • Back in the sub-basement, Grady hotwires an elevator to bring them upstairs. The Stygimoloch returns, and Grady is inspired to use it once more; he lures it into the elevator and heads for the garage. The Indoraptor is sold to Orlov for US $43,000,000 and Mills’s crew begins to send it to be shipped out. Grady and the dinosaur arrive, and guests scream as the animal emerges, which provokes it to attack. A guard moves to shoot it, and Grady attacks him to knock his gun barrel upward instead; gunfire peppers the garage ceiling and guests flee in terror. The dinosaur draws the guards’ attention enough for Grady to overpower the few who notice him in time and stop the cage from leaving the room. Before the guards can regroup and take him down, Grady destroys the mechanism and flees. Still in the maintenance corridor watching the scene unfold, Dearing and Maisie go to join Grady.
  • As the guests flee, the Stygimoloch escapes into the woods, and transport trucks frantically drive off with their cargoes, Wheatley realizes that the auction has gone awry. Worrying that Mills has double-crossed him and will not give the bonus he promised, Wheatley enters the garage and searches for his employer. Mills, meanwhile, has already fled after spotting Grady. Instead of Mills, Wheatley encounters the Indoraptor, which he does not recognize as it was not on Isla Nublar. He determines that it is his right to take a trophy from it, so he shoots it with two tranquilizer darts and opens the cage. The animal, which is familiar with what tranquilizers are intended to do but is highly resistant to their effects, fakes unconsciousness to lure Wheatley closer. Wheatley tries but fails to extract a tooth from the creature, which toys with him before tearing off his right arm and eating him alive.
  • Eversoll, who had not fled the room but instead hidden behind his podium during the chaos, realizes that Wheatley’s blunder has left the cage unlocked. He flees to the open elevator, joining several other auction attendees. He shoves one guest out into the open so that he can take her hiding place, and she screams in terror upon seeing Wheatley being eaten alive. This gets the Indoraptor‘s attention and it leaves the cage, charging the elevator. Eversoll manages to close the doors in time, but the animal outside damages the elevator’s control panel accidentally. This triggers a safety mechanism which causes the doors to automatically open and free the otherwise-trapped guests, but in this case permits the animal to enter and kill the people inside.
  • Dearing, Grady, and Maisie attempt to escape the basement, but are caught by Mills and two of his guards. Mills reveals to them that Maisie is a clone of her “mother,” a fact which Maisie herself was not aware of, but Dearing and Grady still intend to protect the child. Mills’s guards are ambushed and killed by the Indoraptor, and the survivors flee; Mills heads to evacuate Wu and the lab staff while Dearing, Grady, and Maisie head upstairs and find themselves in Lockwood’s private collection.
  • The laboratory is evacuated; Wu attempts to have Rodriguez assist him in obtaining DNA samples from the caged but fully recovered Blue. Webb, who is still impersonating a lab technician, attacks Wu and tranquilizes him in order to free his friend. Wu is carried to safety by one of Mills’s guards while another moves in on Rodriguez and Webb. The activists open Blue’s cage, and the Velociraptor moves in to attack the guard. A second guard attempts to shoot her before she can kill his comrade, but is struck by Blue’s tail as she savages the first guard; he misfires and punctures tanks full of liquid hydrogen while also damaging machinery. Blue kills the first guard and attacks the second while Rodriguez and Webb flee; the damaged wires are sparking and could ignite the flammable gas. While they cannot warn Blue of the danger, she correctly recognizes the leak as a danger; though she smells nothing, she still follows the humans’ lead. Moments later, the gas reaches the sparking wires and ignites, causing a large explosion which damages one side of the sub-basement. A canister of hydrogen cyanide is damaged in the blast, causing the fatal substance to leak into the sub-basement as a vapor. On the verge of precipitating at that temperature, it sinks downward.
  • The Indoraptor kills another guard, Dan, in the collection room and eats his entire body; moments later it detects Dearing, Grady, and Maisie in the room and hunts them down. They flee upstairs to the library with the animal in pursuit, managing to evade its detection temporarily by hiding in a closet. However, its acute senses are likely to find them soon enough, so they descend into the dioramas in the collection room. Grady opens the lighting control system fuse box for the dioramas and turns the lights off, hoping that this will hide them long enough to escape.
  • In the lab’s control room, Rodriguez and Webb discover the hydrogen cyanide leak and realize that it is seeping downward into the bottom floor of the lab where the dinosaurs are kept. With the HVAC system down after the explosion, there is no way to vent the gas; Webb attempts to start the ventilation up again. This fails, but does turn on the lights in the collection room, causing the Indoraptor to immediately spot its prey. The diorama protects the group, but Dearing’s right leg is stabbed just above the knee by the Indoraptor‘s left claw. Maisie screams as she flees upstairs, drawing the Indoraptor away; she uses a dumbwaiter to escape to the upper floors and flees to her room. The animal is initially frustrated at losing her, but then the beam from the Lockwood lighthouse brings its attention to the existence of the outside world. It exits to the roof.
  • Grady attempts to treat Dearing’s wound, but she insists that he protect Maisie instead. She briefly kisses him, their romantic feelings having reawakened over the past two days. He takes the gun left by the dead guard and follows along the Indoraptor‘s trail of destruction.
  • The animal locates Maisie’s room after scaling the roof, opening the balcony door and entering. It intentionally frightens her for its own entertainment. As it moves slowly, it inadvertently gives Grady enough time to reach the room and try to shoot the animal. It, however, is barely affected and recovers immediately, the bullets falling out of its tough scales. Blue, having tracked Grady by scent, arrives and immediately challenges this new rival predator. The Indoraptor only sees Blue as an obstacle in the way of its true targets, but Blue is protecting her paternal figure and fights with lethal intent. As the dinosaurs clash, Maisie leads Grady along her secret escape route across the mansion’s exterior.
  • Blue and the Indoraptor take their fight outside when Blue knocks the larger predator out a window. Blue is temporarily left to find another way down while the Indoraptor resumes its pursuit of Grady and Maisie, who are now cornered on the sunroof of the collection room. Dearing, who has now recovered the modified gun used to command the Indoraptor, uses it to trick the creature into pouncing at Grady and breaking the sunroof with its weight. It manages to catch itself and climb back up, but Blue returns to the fight and pounces on her rival. Their combined weight breaks the sunroof’s support structure and they fall into the collection room. The Indoraptor unluckily lands on a fossil Ajugaceratops skull and is impaled on the horns, dying due to massive internal injury. Rodriguez and Webb discover its corpse moments after Blue leaves to seek a way back to Grady, and the group of companions is reunited.
  • The five descend to the lab, where the hydrogen cyanide leak has reached the dinosaurs. The substance is lethal within minutes of inhalation, so the dinosaurs’ lives are at immediate risk. Dearing opens the cages, despite knowing the unpredictability of releasing the animals into the wild. However, when it comes time to open the lab’s outer doors which lead outside, she stops, making the painful decision to let the animals die rather than expose them to the wider world and vice versa. Maisie, unable to watch her beloved dinosaurs choke to death in the lethal gas, makes the executive decision to open the outer doors against the adults’ wishes. The frightened animals flee for their lives.
  • Wu and most of his specimens have already been evacuated, and Mills is tasked with transporting the most valuable cargo: the Indominus rib sample, from which the Indoraptor can be rebuilt. The freed animals suddenly appear from the lab’s access tunnel. One of his two guards is killed by a Pteranodon while the second is trampled to death by a Triceratops. Mills hides underneath his vehicle as the dinosaurs stampede by; he emerges once it is quiet, the rib sample safe. He is ambushed and killed by the Tyrannosaurus, which fights a Carnotaurus when the latter animal tries to steal the former’s kill. Dropped pieces of his remains were also partially eaten by several Compsognathus before all of these animals departed into the forest. The Indominus rib sample was destroyed during the conflict.
  • Grady reunites with Blue in the front of the mansion, his companions behind him. He attempts to bring Blue back with him to safety, but she chooses a life in the wild rather than return to a cage. The departure of the last de-extinct animal from the manor is considered to be the end of the incident.

The most significant result of the Lockwood incident was the release of a large number of specimens of multiple de-extinct animals into Northern California. The nearest area populated by humans was the town of Orick, which as of 2018 had a population of fewer than 300 people. In the year that followed the incident, sightings of de-extinct animals spread throughout the state, with the creatures generally migrating southward; Blue, for example, was sighted near Simi Valley sometime after the incident, and unconfirmed sightings have come from Oakland as of 2019. Many animals settled in parkland such as Big Rock National Park and Fishenden Falls National Park. Three Pteranodons involved with the incident were seen traveling northward, the opposite direction of most of the other animals, shortly after the incident. Other animals had already left Isla Nublar of their own accord; the Mosasaurus from Jurassic World was known to be living near Hawaii during 2018, and three Pteranodons were sighted in Las Vegas, Nevada shortly thereafter.

Many of the released animals have relatively low populations. However, some have surviving populations large enough to sustain themselves through breeding; quite a few Compsognathus escaped the manor and as of 2019 had migrated farther into the American West. There are also many surviving Pteranodons, though no males are confirmed. The first dinosaurs confirmed to have bred on the American mainland are a mated pair of Nasutoceratops, which had a single surviving offspring as of June 2019 and resided in Big Rock National Park in Northern California.

Sightings of these animals occurred intermittently throughout the year after the incident, with a major conflict occurring in 2019 at Big Rock National Park involving the animals still living there. Other more minor incidents were reported throughout the year. For the most part, only certain dinosaurs are known to show aggression toward humans (chiefly the carnivorous species when they are hunting), and fewer still willingly live in urbanized areas. Most remain in whatever their natural habitat would be, so humans are only likely to encounter them when in rural areas or wilderness. Nonetheless, interactions between humans and de-extinct animals can be harmful for both parties, as these animals have not learned to fear human presence. They can act fearless around humans, which is potentially dangerous for all involved. Wildlife management personnel such as park rangers are now keeping track of dinosaur sightings and alerting people who may be at risk for an encounter. Authorities generally advise keeping inside or wherever shelter is possible when dinosaurs are confirmed nearby, waiting until the creatures move along before leaving shelter, and generally using the same safety techniques one would use in encounters with any large wild animal.

Dinosaurs have also been brought around the world by human activity deliberately. The animals brought away from the Lockwood estate after the auction was disrupted include a Baryonyx which was shipped by airplane to Russia, an Ankylosaurus which was sold to an Indonesian man and likely shipped to that country, an Allosaurus and four other animals which were shipped over land within the United States, and a Stegosaurus whose location is unknown. Other animals were sold, their locations more or less unknown to the authorities. Furthermore, the buyer of the Baryonyx was also in possession of a case full of dinosaurian DNA samples, meaning that Henry Wu and InGen no longer have exclusive control of the ability to create these animals. The international team of geneticists hired by Wu and Mills to work at the estate between 2015 and 2018 may also have learned from Wu the techniques that were once a closely-guarded InGen secret; these may include Wu’s hybridization methods, as these geneticists would have been present for the creation of the Indoraptor. Wu himself has since lost the resources required to continue the Indominus lineage; the only remaining samples are under control of the U.S. government (though the fate of the Indoraptor carcass is undisclosed) or at the bottom of the now-inaccessible Jurassic World Lagoon.

Much like the San Diego incident of 1997, this event drastically impacted the public’s perception of dinosaurs and other de-extinct animals. Most people were willing to accept de-extinct creatures so long as they remained contained on isolated islands, and behind human-controlled barriers. Negative perception of the animals was sparked by the pterosaur feeding frenzy on Main Street during the 2015 incident, and since then it has worsened; this has been exacerbated by statements from public figures such as Dr. Ian Malcolm and the U.S. President. The Lockwood incident has led to an increased fear of dinosaurs in many people, particularly in California. However, it has also led to some people becoming more educated about dinosaurs as they seek to understand the wild changes in nature outside of the cities. The welfare of dinosaurs is now also outside of human control, as their new lives in wilderness throughout North America and elsewhere makes it difficult for activist organizations such as the Dinosaur Protection Group to reach them.

The personal lives of everyone involved with the incident were also radically changed practically overnight. Maisie Lockwood, of course, not only lost her only family member but also discovered uncomfortable truths about herself. Her lifelong caretaker, Iris Carroll, was dismissed from her services by Eli Mills as part of his scheme to obtain the Lockwood fortune. Maisie’s new self-appointed guardians did not contact Carroll or vice versa. Dearing had become the central figure of a heated public animal rights debate during a period of political instability in the United States, meaning she had concerns about her and Maisie’s safety; furthermore, she had gone directly against orders of the federal government by partaking in the “rescue” mission and thus could have faced potential retribution from an increasingly reactionary U.S. government. Grady’s involvement with the incident was essentially unknown to the public, meaning he would be less likely to be the target of public ire. Henry Wu lost his employer, his laboratory, and many of his valuable resources; without Mills to hide him from legal consequences and fund his work, he was placed in a similar situation to Dearing. Eventually he was obtained by Biosyn Genetics, one of InGen’s oldest rivals.

The Lockwood incident is one of the most significant turning points in the history of de-extinction, changing the stage from remote research outposts and isolated tourist attractions to the woodlands and plains of North America and the shady operations of criminal enterprises. Not only are dinosaurs living in the wild where everyday people could encounter them, they can now be created by geneticists the world over. Hybridization research stalled due to the loss of the most advanced hybrid genome Wu had yet created, but his methods are not lost, and could be replicated by other geneticists in the future. De-extinction theme parks are likely to stay a thing of the past, but the wider world is now open to these creatures.