Lookout Point – Isla Nublar (Jurassic World) (S/F)

Lookout Point from the Bottomx

The Lookout Point was an attraction at the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. The Lookout point was accessible via the Gondola Lift in the Northwest section of the Island. On top of the Lookout Point there would be a seating area where guests could relax and watch the views of Jurassic World.


Hang Gliders at the Lookout Point

There would also be binocular stands at the edges of the attraction so that guests would be able to see the sweeping panorama view from all sides, once they were fully on top of this attraction. Most notably, the attraction would be host to several platforms that offered Hang Gliders, although it is unknown if this was an additional fee.

The Lookout Point is Destroyed

At some point roughly about Six months after the evacuation of Jurassic World, the Lookout Point would become a nesting ground for a flock of Dimorphodon after their escape from the aviary. It is currently unknown what the status of these animals is now, as the Lookout Point was blown up with an improvised explosive circa mid 2016 by Ben Pincus and Darius Bowman.