Mae Enfys Turner (S/F)

Dr. Mae Enfys Turner is a zoologist specializing in neurology as it relates to animal behavior and cognition. Prior to June 2016, she was employed by Mantah Corporation under Kash D. Langford in a clandestine program on their private Island.

June 2016

Introducing Dr. Turner

Dr. Mae Turner meets Ben Pincus, Kenji Kon, Brooklynn, Sammy Guitierrez, Yasmina Fadoula, and Darius Bowman while performing routine research in the Mantah Corp facility. After discovering the children on the Island, she leads them to her private living quarters. Serving them lunch, she tells them a bit about her research. Soon, she gets a notification about the elimination protocol, and goes into the forest Biome to find out that a BRAD has killed a Compsognathus. Answering the children’s questions about the B.R.AD., she sends the children to their quarters while she goes out to study the robot.

Dr. Turner and the children watch the Rexes fight

Dr. Turner goes to watch the Tyrannosaurus Rex pair feed, informing the campers that they are a Mother and daughter pair called Big Eatie and Little Eatie. She watches horrified as the Rexes fight, with Little Eatie badly injured. Dr. Turner is forced to call in a B.R.A.D. to tranquilize the animals, as she goes back to her quarters to find that Kenji has decapitated a robot in her quarters.

Dr. Turner asks the group to remain in her quarters as she and Yaz investigate the mysterious drug sample found in the Tyrannosaur feed. . Dr. Turner tells the group that the drug was the cause of the Rexes sudden antagonism. Dr. Turner lets the group know of a supply plane that comes every two weeks. She helps the group formulate a plan to escape, involving sabotoging the feed supplies and biome power boxes.

However, in the process of working out the plan, the children are scanned by B.R.A.D.S, and the group is forced to flee to the snow biome. Dr. Turner finds snow mobiles for the group, as they head towards the plane. The snowmobiles come to a stop as they encounter a Kentrosaurus. Dr. Turner is confused as to what this animal is doing, and eventually agrees to Darius’s decision to use the snowmobiles to help rescue it. They continue their journey, despite an attack by a BRAD, and manage to reach the airlock, but the plane has already left. The campers sadly walk back to Dr. Turner after they have missed the plane.

Dr. Turner, Ben and Darius stay in the tunnels trying to diagnose the Kentrosaurus as it becomes suddenly agitated. Dr. Turner uses her tablet to try to control the dinosaur, as she promises to take it home. In the desert biome, Dr. Turner, Ben, and Darius take Pierce the Kentrosaurus as they discuss her research into Dinosaur communication. Darius uses Dr. Turner’s tablet to attempt to communicate with Pierce, as he is somewhat unsuccessful. Dr. Turner’s group is still attempting to assist Pierce, as Brooklynn and Kenji run in to inform them that Little Eatie is still hurt.

Dr. Turner realizes her boss must be on the Island, and goes to confront him as the children stay with Pierce. Dr. Mae Turner travels to the Jungle Biome, as she is herded by several B.R.A.D.s who greet her. A velociraptor jumps out of the forest, and she stumbles back, only for Kash to catch her. He informs her that the raptors are held off by an invisible fence guided by drones. He uses the BRADs to threaten her as he informs her he knows of her communication research, and plans to utilize it for his own plans.

Kash gives the order to kill Dr. Turner

Dr. Turner attempts to threaten him, but Kash sends the robot dogs and the Raptors after her as well. The campers rush to assist Dr. Turner as the BRADs begin to corner her, and prepare to attack. The various campers distract the robot dogs, as Ben and Sammy manage to escape with Dr. Turner. The group runs for their lives, as the BRADs continue their dogged pursuit,

Sammy and Dr. Turner attempt to reac the airlock, only to be cornered by a BRAD. Dr. Turner attempts to attack the robot, only for her to be attacked by a Velociraptor. The group flees off into the jungle as they attempt to care for an injured Dr. Turner. The campers tend to Dr. Turner’s wounds, as they think of what to do.  The group hide from the BRAD scans, as they are forced to move an injured Dr. Turner.

After she recovers a bit more, Dr. Turner explains about the Med bay in the Mantah Corp facility to the children, and directs them to where the next feeding is scheduled. Ben also assists in helping with her recuperation. Over the next few days, she receives updates from her location regarding what the campers are doing in regards to trying to stop Kash.

She assists Ben with bonding with a baby Brachiosaurus, and once she has recovered enough, travel to the med-bay to surgically remove it’s chip. As they walk to the Med-Bay, Dr. Turner and Ben talk about their respective ways of bonding with dinosaurs. Afterwards, they remove the chip, and then are warned about Kash’s escape by Darius, and the plans to use the Kentrosaurs as feed.

The Kentrosaurus is guided to the biome by an original BRAD, but Ben manages to destroy three of them as Mae comforts the Kentrosaur. They are soon surrounded by BRADs, as Ben runs for the platform, unsure why they are not firing at them. As the platform rises, Dr. Turner is reunited with Kenji and Ben, briefly ambushed by some Dilophosaurs before they are scared off by Brooklynn, Yaz, and Sammy arriving in snowmobiles. The group embrace, just as BRAD-Xs start to surround them from all sides, accompanied by Kash Langford and Daniel Kon.