Maiasaura peeblesorum (C/N)

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The “good mother reptile” was described in 1979 by Dr. Jack Horner (Jurassic Park films consultant). Originally discovered by Laurie Trexler, the duck-bill lived during the Late Cretaceous period about 76.7 million years ago. It also features a small crest which could have been used for mating rituals by the males headbutting each other. Maiasaura was also able to stand up on either two or four of its legs, while having nothing but a muscular tail against any opposing forces. They thrived in extremely large herds of up to 10,000, having strength in numbers. This dinosaur brought new concepts that are in place today on the parenting habits of dinosaurs, laying up to 40 of their eggs into a spiral formation. It was 9 meters (29.5ft), 3 meters (10ft) in height at the hips and 3 tons in weight.

Maiasaura were among the fifteen species on Isla Nublar. They were seen in the sauropod area when the Tyrannosaurus excited a herd of hadrosaurs.
They were also present on Isla Sorna. They were one of the species whereof Lewis Dodgson stole the eggs.