Maisie Lockwood (S/F)

Maisie Lockwood, age 10 (2018)

Maisie Lockwood (2007 – present) is the daughter of Charlotte Lockwood, and the granddaughter of Sir Benjamin Lockwood. She is notable for being the first confirmed human clone to be born, and for her involvement with both the 2018 Lockwood Manor incident and 2022 BioSyn Valley incident. Her DNA was altered at the age of roughly one year using a viral vector vaccine, which led to her becoming a vital part of the research which ended the 2022 hybrid locust plague.


The name Maisie is of Scottish origin, dating back to the sixteenth century. It means “pearl,” denoting something precious and deserving of protection. This certainly reflects the way Maisie’s family members have felt about her, including her mother Charlotte, who created her in secret and loved her dearly.

Her family surname, Lockwood, is an old Anglo-Saxon habitational name; it refers to the village of Lockwood, located in what is now a suburb of Huddersfield in West Yorkshire. All members of the Lockwood family tree can trace their ancestry back to here. The name dates to the seventh century.

Creation and birth

Maisie’s mother, Charlotte Lockwood, was a biomedical geneticist who studied human cloning like her father (Maisie’s grandfather) Sir Benjamin Lockwood. The latter had been one of the founding fathers of International Genetic Technologies, a company which performed extensive genetic research; however, Lockwood had a falling-out with his business partner John Hammond over human cloning and left the company in the 1990s. Charlotte had long wanted a child, and as she studied human cloning for medical purposes, she also began to consider it for reproduction. Ultimately, she succeeded at cloning herself, giving birth in August 2007 to Maisie. Since human cloning is illegal in Charlotte’s home state of California, where her family’s manor is located near the town of Orick, she had to do this in secret. Maisie was probably born in the subbasement laboratory in the manor where Charlotte conducted much of her research. Charlotte probably created Maisie using somatic-cell nuclear transfer, the most common form of human cloning at the time.

Though Charlotte wanted a child, she also wanted that child to live a full healthy life. She discovered that she carried a genetic flaw, a rare health condition that was invariably fatal. Not only this, but it was heritable, meaning that her child would likely carry the gene as well. Maisie, being a clone, certainly would. Charlotte began research into curing the supposedly irreversible condition, but a cure would mean genetically modifying every cell in the body. At the forefront of genetic research for most of her life, Charlotte stood a better chance than most at succeeding.

When Maisie was around a year old, Charlotte began showing symptoms. Fortunately, she had completed a viral vector vaccine, using a pathogen to administer the genetic treatment throughout the body using the same mechanisms normal viruses use to propagate. On February 2, 2009, she vaccinated eighteen-month-old Maisie. After some time of monitoring, she determined that Maisie was completely cured, but there was no time left for Charlotte to cure herself. She had known this going in, that her secretive research meant that she would have no support team of scientists and technicians, and that it was very likely that she could only produce one dose. Charlotte had no hesitation of giving it to Maisie. When she passed away that year, she entrusted Maisie’s safety to Sir Benjamin and the family housekeeper Iris Carroll, who had helped raise Charlotte too.

There were many reasons to protect Maisie, ranging from the illegality of human cloning to the biomedical significance of her modified genome, as well as Charlotte’s posthumous reputation as a scientist. Only Lockwood and Carroll knew the truth behind Maisie’s creation. Other manor staff who knew Maisie was a clone were taught that Charlotte had died in a vehicle accident in 2008, and that, in an act of grief, Sir Benjamin had turned to InGen’s technology to recreate her. Maisie herself was taught that she had been born naturally to both a mother and father, but that both of them had died in the same car crash, leaving her an orphan. Ideally, outsiders would not learn of Maisie at all, but if they did, that was the story they would be told as well.

Early life

After she was born, Maisie was raised as though she were Lockwood’s natural granddaughter. Maisie’s existence could not be explained to outsiders, and so she was kept a secret within the walls of the Lockwood mansion. Aside from her grandfather and estate staff such as Carroll, her existence was unknown to the world. She most likely lacks legal documentation.

It is unknown how much her existence was even known to her family. Lockwood’s wife does not appear to have been alive for much of Maisie’s life, probably passing away in her infancy or very early childhood (that is, if she was still alive at the time Maisie was born). Carroll was her main caretaker, as Lockwood’s health slowly declined.

By the beginning of the 2010s, Lockwood had hired an estate executor named Eli Mills to manage his fortune and the Lockwood Foundation. Mills eventually learned the truth about Maisie’s origin, though Maisie herself was never told. Lockwood did not so much as allow Maisie to look at photographs of her mother for fear that she might discover her identity before she was ready.

Lockwood was, however, entirely open about his own past. Many years ago, he was one of the founders of International Genetic Technologies, Inc. along with Dr. John Parker Alfred Hammond. They had collaborated to build a safari park called Jurassic Park on the island of Isla Nublar in the East Pacific Ocean near Costa Rica, using advanced genetic engineering techniques to bring to life animals and plants that had gone extinct millions of years ago. Maisie grew up learning about how these dinosaurian facsimiles had been engineered into existence, and spent her days playing in the mansion’s library and diorama room. She would often hide within the dinosaur dioramas and behind fossil displays, pretending to be a predatory creature in the ancient past (much to the consternation of Carroll, who was often the target of her “attacks”). Lockwood strongly encouraged Maisie’s love of dinosaurs, which she shared with her late mother.

Before Maisie was born, InGen succeeded in creating a second de-extinction theme park on top of the ruins of the old one. Called Jurassic World, this park was operating at its peak when Maisie was born and Lockwood got involved with it again during her early childhood. Although her mother had visited the original Jurassic Park’s construction site before the Park closed prematurely, Maisie was never able to visit Jurassic World because she could not safely go out in public. This did not stop her from dreaming of one day seeing a real dinosaur in person.

Jurassic World closed to the public permanently on December 22, 2015 due to a severe breach of security that resulted in numerous deaths. Maisie would have been six years old at the time, and so she was probably shielded from the more grisly aspects of the incident by Lockwood and the estate staff members. Over the ensuing months, many people came to the manor, including dozens of scientists and security staff. They, and the equipment they brought, disappeared into the sub-basement; most of them did not work in the manor itself. Maisie must have assumed that they worked for her grandfather, but in reality, he did not know they were there. These included Dr. Henry Wu, an evolutionary geneticist. Maisie did not know him, but he was the man responsible for virtually all of Jurassic World’s creatures.

2018 incident

All was not well on Isla Nublar following its abandonment. Beginning in 2017, volcanic activity increased on the island, threatening the lives of animals living there. Political controversies raged over whether or not the island’s inhabitants were worth saving; Lockwood was firmly of the opinion that humanity had an obligation to protect its creations, and Maisie adopted the same sentiments as her own. Lockwood predicted that the U.S. and Costa Rican governments would allow the dinosaurs to die, and so came up with a plan of his own to illegally move the dinosaurs to Sanctuary Island where they would be separated from human influence. Maisie, who turned nine years old in 2018 when these plans were formulated, spent much time around Lockwood’s diorama of Sanctuary, envisioning the dinosaurs living in peace. Lockwood assured her that her mother would have wanted the same thing.

On June 22, 2018, the U.S. government announced that no action would be taken regarding Isla Nublar’s imperiled animals, just as Lockwood had predicted. Mills had been tasked with hiring personnel to move the dinosaurs to safety. As soon as the government’s non-action policy was announced, Lockwood summoned Claire Dearing, the head of the Dinosaur Protection Group, to his estate to discuss the mission with Mills and himself. Maisie was supposed to keep herself hidden from outsiders, but still chose to listen in on Dearing and Mills discussing the operation from the library balcony above the diorama room. She was spotted by Dearing and retreated from sight; Mills covered for her by giving the usual explanation of her being Lockwood’s granddaughter.

The rescue mission departed the following morning, on June 23. Maisie eagerly awaited news of the dinosaurs’ safe arrival to their new home, intruding on Mills’s study at around midday to ask how the rescue was going. She was shocked when he acted surprisingly angry at her intrusion, though he quickly calmed down and assured her everything was fine. Maisie left his study as he asked, but began to suspect that he was not telling the truth.

Later that day, a stranger came to the manor. The man, named Gunnar Eversoll, visited with Mills to ask where the dinosaurs were. Maisie had continued to listen in on Mills to figure out what was really happening out to sea where the dinosaurs were, and overheard him talking with Eversoll about selling the dinosaurs for money instead of releasing them onto a safe island. She saw them depart in an elevator using a secure code to reach the sub-basement laboratory, where she knew her grandfather had once performed the research necessary to create the dinosaurs. Maisie tried to warn Lockwood that Mills was betraying them, but Lockwood reassured her that she had probably misheard.

Maisie, however, was not reassured at all. The following day, she sought to uncover evidence of Mills’s plot and prove that he was going to sell the dinosaurs. She recalled the security code Mills had used to access the sub-basement and entered it in, heading to the bottom floor. There she found the laboratory; the staff was not there yet, with the place practically empty. She looked through the lab for evidence. Among it, she found a computer terminal that Wu had been using to study Jurassic World’s I.B.R.I.S. Project, a program that InGen had used to research the highly intelligent Velociraptor. She learned about the project’s most intelligent raptor, a dinosaur named Blue, who was raised by a man called Owen Grady along with her three sisters.

While she was watching the videos, distracted from her mission, she overheard Mills approaching with another man. She hid, sneaking away through the lab as Mills and Wu walked through arguing about their work. Maisie overheard Wu complaining that their “prototype” needed a mother, and that they needed to use a raptor to teach this mysterious prototype empathy and loyalty. As she continued to try and evade them, she strayed into a dark corner of the sub-basement and crossed a safety line near a cage. From within, a creature reached out and gently touched her hair, causing her to whirl around in alarm. A bizarre, emaciated dinosaur screeched at her as she screamed, apparently delighting in frightening her. She fled from the unknown creature, running into Mills. She demanded to know what manner of animal the dinosaur was, since she had never seen or heard of anything like it, but he took her to her room and locked her inside to keep her from telling Lockwood of what she had found. Carroll was instructed to keep Maisie locked in, and though she was baffled by his order, she did not dare defy him.

Spending the day locked in her room, Maisie had a few hours to mull over what she had learned so far. One, Mills did not intend to save the dinosaurs, but to sell them instead. Two, he and Wu had created a frightful dinosaur like nothing she had ever seen, and it was living in her basement. Three, Wu and Mills were not satisfied with their monster, and wanted a mother to raise more of them. Four, this mother needed to be a raptor that could teach it empathy, and the I.B.R.I.S. raptor Blue from the video logs was said to show that trait better than any other. From what she had seen and overheard, Maisie now had a rough idea of what Mills and Wu were planning: by betraying Lockwood and using his money to capture the dinosaurs, they could sell them all to make an even bigger fortune, and with Blue as a mother figure they could create a new generation of monsters that understood loyalty—though for what sinister purpose, she could not know.

That night, the mansion became swarmed with vehicles arriving from outside. Some, a convoy of huge trucks carrying dinosaurs in crates, went to a loading dock to send the captured creatures into the sub-basement’s lowest level. Others, a fleet of cars arriving to the front, delivered passengers who were greeted by Mills and Eversoll. Maisie was able to unlock her room by securing the key from the opposite side, but Carroll had been replaced by an unfamiliar man who blocked the stairway. Not wanting to be caught, Maisie instead climbed out from the balcony overlooking the mansion’s entrance, shimmying across the outer wall to her grandfather’s bedroom.

When she entered to warn him of the new arrivals, she was horrified to find that he was dead. She took from him a photograph of her mother and Carroll from many years ago, the first picture of her mother she had ever seen. She heard someone approaching and hid inside the dumbwaiter, narrowly avoiding Mills as he entered the room. Mills summoned Carroll, dismissing her from service at the manor and asserting that he was Maisie’s caretaker now. Inside the dumbwaiter, Maisie realized that the last trustworthy adult she knew was now being forced out of her home, leaving her alone with Mills and his men. She used the dumbwaiter to escape to the sub-basement.

Arriving in the lowest level of the building, she left the dumbwaiter only to run into two more outsiders. One was Claire Dearing, the woman who had agreed to help save the dinosaurs. The other was Owen Grady, who she recognized from the I.B.R.I.S. videos in the lab. She tried to run from them at first, not knowing whether she could trust them, but stopped before taking the dumbwaiter back upstairs. The adults coaxed her back out, Grady promising that they were both here to help the dinosaurs and stop Mills’s auction. Since Grady had raised the raptors from the videos, Maisie knew he would want to save Blue, so she decided he and Dearing were telling the truth. She told them that her grandfather was dead, and they promised they would get her out of the mansion and to safety.

Placing her trust in Grady and Dearing, she helped them navigate the building’s maze of maintenance corridors that ran behind the scenes. They made their way to the garage, which had been retrofitted into an auction hall where the dinosaurs were being sold. To her horror, the monster from the basement was brought out: it was introduced as the Indoraptor, and its purpose was finally revealed. Once the new generation was bred, they would be sold off as living weapons, trained to kill with precision and accuracy. The situation became even more dire when attendees began to bid on the creature. While Dearing kept Maisie safe in the maintenance corridor above the auction hall, Grady disrupted the auction and stopped the Indoraptor from being taken out of the mansion. He rejoined Maisie and Dearing and the three resumed their escape.

They were confronted by Mills and his armed guards as they tried to flee through the corridor. Dearing and Grady immediately protected Maisie, though Mills assured them that they could never understand her needs the way he did. He told them about Maisie’s origins, the fact that she was a clone of her mother created through artificial means. Before this could fully sink in, Mills’s guards were attacked by the Indoraptor, which had somehow escaped. Mills fled for his life while Maisie ran the opposite direction with her newfound friends.

The creature encountered them again as they tried to flee through the diorama room. They managed to get to the second floor with the Indoraptor in hot pursuit, hiding in a closet while it listened for them and tried to sniff them out. They sneaked into the displays back on the first floor, turning the lights off to hinder the Indoraptor‘s hunt. When they had made it part of the way through, the power unexpectedly reset and turned the lights back on. Maisie spotted the Indoraptor on the other side of the glass, the creature having found them, and barely avoided as it broke into the display. Dearing was wounded, but Maisie escaped and her screams lured the Indoraptor away from her friends. She fled upstairs as the animal chased after her, using another dumbwaiter to reach her bedroom where she locked the door and hid.

For a few minutes, she was safe in her bed, but the Indoraptor soon appeared from the balcony. It figured out how to open the doors, approaching her slowly and deliberately, relishing in the fear it caused her. As it reached for her one final time, Grady broke into the room and confronted the beast, drawing its attention away. Even his gunshots had little effect, as the animal’s scaly skin protected it. They were then joined by Blue, who leapt into defense of her father figure. Grady took Maisie out of the way of the ensuing fight, though the Indoraptor kept making efforts to reach her. Blue relentlessly pummeled her larger foe, and as its attention was split between Blue and Maisie, it could not focus enough to properly attack either.

Maisie led Grady out her trusted escape path from the balcony across the building’s front. Before they could make it to one of the other rooms, they were forced down onto the roof over the diorama room as the Indoraptor was knocked out a window and resumed pursuit. Grady and Maisie took shelter on the diorama room’s sun roof, but due to a thunderstorm they nearly fell from the edge. Grady managed to protect Maisie from a dangerous fall off the roof. The dinosaur carefully made its way toward them, being careful not to step on the glass and break through the sun roof’s windows. It was distracted by Dearing, who used a gun it had been trained to obey; she instructed it to leap in Grady’s direction, causing it to land on the glass as he dodged it. The creature clambered back to safety, but was ambushed by Blue. Their combined weight broke the metal supports of the sun roof and they both fell through, the Indoraptor landing on a fossil display where it sustained devastating injuries and quickly died from them.

From here, the three joined with Dearing’s colleagues Zia Rodriguez and Franklin Webb to assess the situation. They were informed of a second disaster unfolding beneath the manor: deadly hydrogen cyanide gas had leaked from the upper level of the lab due to an explosion, and was now seeping into the lowest level where the dinosaurs were kept. Maisie was brought back to the lab and finally witnessed the dinosaurs of Isla Nublar in person, but it was not the meeting she had anticipated. With a few minutes at most before the gas began killing them, Dearing at first released the dinosaurs from their cages, but Grady cautioned her against opening the lab’s larger vehicle access doors that led to outside. While it was a painful decision to make, Dearing ultimately decided after all her efforts to allow the dinosaurs to succumb rather than let them outside of human control for good.

Maisie, however, had just experienced the worst day of her life, and was not willing to watch her beloved dinosaurs die. She made the executive decision to release the frightened animals, allowing them to escape extinction and flee into the wild. While she understood that the adults would never have made the same decision, she genuinely believed that it was the only moral choice to make.

The five survivors left the manor by the front gates as the last dinosaurs were leaving the area. Grady attempted to convince Blue to come with them to safety, but Blue chose to depart and live in the wild instead. Maisie comforted Grady, understanding his feeling of loss.

After the incident

Maisie was taken north along U.S. Route 101 by Dearing and Grady following the events of June 24, seeing the outside world for the first time. Already, the signs of change were around them; as they traveled north along the coast, they were accompanied by a small group of Pteranodons for part of the way.

Grady would travel with Dearing and Maisie, evading the authorities and other interested parties, until finally settling down in a cabin in the Sierra Nevadas. Realizing Maisie’s status as a clone made her very potentially vulnerable to unscrupulous people, Grady attempted to create a makeshift family unit for the three of them. He and Dearing would set rules for Maisie, that she could not leave the immediate vicinity of the cabin. While not shown directly, Dearing and Grady may have participated in homeschooling Maisie as she could not attend a traditional school. This state of affairs continued for four years.

Although she was raised by Grady and Dearing, Maisie grew to be a rebellious teenager. Maisie would routinely flout the authority of her adoptive parents,  despite the prohibitions on leaving the cabin. On one such venture, Maisie would travel to the nearby town, often to purchase supplies and see part of the world beyond her home. On one such trip, Maisie would encounter a pair of Apatosaurus in a nearby mill adjacent to the town, and be able to advise the workers on how to safely lead them away.

Returning home at about the same time as Dearing did after this trip, Maisie would be very evasive as to questions regarding where she had been. Realizing that Dearing knew that she had left the safety of the cabin, the two would get into an argument regarding what Maisie perceived as the pairs overprotective nature, and her own anxiety regarding her status as a clone. When Grady returned, he would try to talk with her regarding her going into town, but the situation only escalated as Maisie stormed off.

Later on, Maisie would have an encounter with Beta, as the young raptor interrupted her while she was chopping firewood. Maisie tentatively fed Beta a piece of toast, but was surprised when her Mother, Blue suddenly stepped out of the woods. Grady was forced to intervene, encouraging Maisie not to act panicked or otherwise act like prey. After Grady successfully managed to utilize his IBRIS training skills, the two Velociraptors left. Maisie asked permission to go with Grady after Beta, but was denied.

In a instance of teenage rebellion, Maisie would go briefly into the cabin and start to storm off on her bike towards the town. However, Maisie would not get far, as she would make it to the bridge before finding her path blocked by a mysterious woman and Rainn Delacourt. The woman lied to Maisie that she would take her to a safe place, abducting her and directing her to an airplane. The plane would continue flying nonstop until it reached the island of Malta.

Once she got off the plane, Maisie realized that she had been tricked, as she was surrounded by armed men. Realizing that she had no choice but to comply, Maisie would head towards the waiting car, as Soyona Santos would ferry her to the next stage of her journey. Maisie would be shuttled to the next stage of her journey, which was Biosyn Valley, in the Dolomite Mountains.

The Biosyn Valley Incident

Once she reached Biosyn Valley, Maisie was secretly led inside the facility, to a secure laboratory, where she was greeted by Henry Wu and Lewis Dodgson. The pair would attempt to encourage her to accept her circumstances, but Maisie reacted with hostility due to her recent kidnapping. Seeing Beta was also in captivity with her, Maisie asked her captors why they had taken her too. Wu informed Maisie that she had been abducted due to her genes being one of the few things that might help him avert global devastation wrought upon by the Hexapod Allies project meant to create the Hybrid locusts.

Wu would share with her videos of Charlotte Lockwood, which detailed Charlotte’s research, and the creation of Maisie, herself. Watching the videos calmed Maisie considerably, as she finally received the answer that she had been waiting for regarding the circumstances of her birth. Just then, Lewis Dodgson would privately speak with Wu outside the room, and Maisie saw her chance to escape as a screwdriver had been left behind by accident. Releasing Beta, Maisie took her chance to run as well, escaping down a vent, even as Dodgson would sound the alarm.

Escaping to a lower floor, Maisie would run into Alan Grant, and Ellie Sattler, who had just managed to obtain a sample of a hybrid locust. Recognizing the pair, and realizing that they did not work for Biosyn, the three decided to escape together. They made their way to the Hyperloop station, and Maisie would hide behind a pile of crates as Ramsay Cole approached. However, Cole would instead allow the three to escape, not before showing recognition of who she was.

As the group would escape in the Hyperloop, they would take a moment to have a conversation, as Sattler informed Maisie of her knowledge of her birth parents. This respite was short lived, as Dodgson forcibly stopped the Hyperloop, forcing the group to exit in the Amber Caves. Although initially reluctant, Maisie would go with Sattler and Grant through the caves to try to find their own way outside. They would not go far before they were ambushed by a pack of Dimetrodon, who proceeded to pursue the group.

The Dimetrodon eventually would corner the group, as they had no other way out of the caves other than a locked iron gate. Ian Malcolm would arrive after a short period of tension, where he would try repeatedly to unlock the gate, with the gate eventually being unlocked by Cole remotely. The four of them would resolve to escape in Malcolm’s stolen Biosyn vehicle. As they drove, they would witness the burning locusts flying through the air and causing a forest fire. The burning insects would cause the driver to veer off the road, causing the vehicle to get stuck. . Attempts to dislodge themselves caused the car to come crashing down at the base of the Outpost that they had been originally attempting to reach.

Maisie would exit the crashed vehicle first, recognizing Claire and Owen Grady as her parents at last and running into their arms. She informed the pair that Grant, Sattler, and Malcolm had rescued her from Biosyn. Introductions were made between the two groups, including Kayla Watts. The group began to head to the Outpost ladder, just as the ground shook beneath their feet.

They would witness the flaming hoarde of Locusts flying through the sky, setting the forest ablaze. Before the group could do anything, the valley’s resident Giganotosaurus entered the clearing, agitated by the forest fire. The group hid behind the overturned jeep, before they each made their attempted escape up the ladder to the Biosyn outpost. As Maisie attempted to escape up the ladder, the Giganotosaurus attacked her, but only succeeded in ripping off the shielded cage of the ladder.

As they got up the ladder, the Giganotosaurus cornered the group, with the door locked they had nowhere to run until Malcolm performed a distraction that served the dual purpose of allowing the remaining him to run up the ladder, and for Maisie and the group to enter the safety of the Outpost. As they reached safety, Maisie would step back as the animal crashed through the window of the building briefly to attack Grady, before being beaten back with tasers. Once again left alone, the group recuperated, as they were able to discuss their different objectives within the valley.

Maisie would travel down into the tunnels from the outpost to reach the main command compound, where the group eventually reached the control center without incident. Grady was informed by Cole that Beta was wandering around Subway Floor Seven, in a Hydroelectric power room. Leaving with Grant, and Maisie, he would take a tranquilizer rifle with him from the Park’s armory, before the three head out. Grady had educated Maisie in some training from his IBRIS days, which heavily assisted the group when Beta came out, pausing for precious seconds as first Maisie, then Grant performed the all too familiar hand signals. This gave Grady the opening he needed to fire the rifle at Beta, as she lunged to attack. Grady would then carry the unconscious juvenile dinosaur over his shoulder, as he returned to the control room.

As they entered the control room, the group was ready to leave, but not before Henry Wu entered the room, begging to be allowed to join their departure. Grady was reluctant at first, but was convinced by Maisie to allow him to join the group. As the group readied to leave, they were forced to enter the courtyard, not realizing that the dinosaurs had been allowed in to escape the raging forest fire.

Just as Watts was about to land, the group stopped, as the Tyrannosaurus Rex approached them and roared. However turning around, they realized she was roaring at the Giganotosaurus, and decided to attempt to avoid the battle. Despite this, Maisie and some others in the group were caught under a piece of rubble in the courtyard, as the Rex had been pinned down by the Giganotosaurus during their fight.Seeing that the group was pinned down with no escape, Watts distracted the large carnivore with a flare, distracting its attention long enough to allow Grady and the others to escape on the chopper.

Post Incident

Maisie and the others would land and rest at the nearby Biosyn airstrip, and in the morning they were granted medical attention by the Italian authorities, as well as interrogated regarding what had happened at the facility. After this was over, the group left together, with most of them going their separate ways.

Grady, Dearing and Maisie returned to the Sierra Nevadas, to a spot where Blue had last been sighted. There, they would release Beta, returning her to her mother. Maisie returned to the cabin with her family, this time accepting them as her new parents.


Living mostly alone with her grandfather and caretaker during her childhood, Maisie’s favored pastime was to sneak about her home and pretend-ambush her loved ones. This honed her stealth abilities, helped by her naturally small frame, and by the age of nine she was able to easily evade the watchful eyes of her caretaker Iris Carroll. Maisie learned all of the hidden ways through Lockwood Manor’s interior, including the maintenance corridors and dumbwaiters; by the summer of 2018, the only area that remained unknown to her was the sub-basement laboratory, which was protected by security access codes and separated from the rest of the house. She became an expert at moving stealthily and silently around, hoping to catch Carroll unawares and surprise her.

Maisie’s intimate knowledge of her home’s layout and ability to sneak through it undetected changed from a game to a survival strategy during the 2018 incident. First using her skills to investigate the plotting of her grandfather’s estate manager, she later escaped a locked room by pushing the key out from the other side and pulling it under the door using a piece of paper. Finding the way guarded, she tried a riskier method and climbed across the exterior wall of the house to her grandfather’s room. The situation became more dire following the escape of the Indoraptor, and Maisie used all her abilities to avoid the predator and reach her bedroom. With her evasive maneuvers and stealth keeping her alive until help arrived, it is likely that Maisie now understands the full value of these skills and will keep them honed and ready in today’s changing world.

Knowledge of animals

Since her early childhood Maisie has been highly interested in animals, particularly prehistoric creatures and those that have been brought back from extinction. Growing up in the Lockwood estate allowed her the chance to learn about these creatures, both through the mansion’s private museum and library as well as her grandfather Benjamin Lockwood. As a child, Maisie already showed a fairly comprehensive understanding of prehistoric life, the geologic time periods of the Mesozoic era, and the basics of ecology (such as the fact that most animals throughout history were herbivores, with carnivores in the minority).


Crayon illustrations could be seen in Maisie’s bedroom as of 2018, indicating an interest in drawing and other forms of art. Her drawings are mostly of dinosaurs, outer space settings, and other scientific and fantasy themes. Her bedroom was uniquely decorated in a haphazard but deliberate manner, suggesting that she was responsible for its layout.

On animal rights

Maisie’s love of animals, as well as the influence of her grandfather, greatly shaped her view on animal rights from an early age. She never visited Jurassic World, but was invested in the welfare of its animals as political debate raged over their fate. Maisie firmly believes that all creatures have the right to live, and will act to protect vulnerable animals regardless of risks. She appears to have a special fondness for theropods, particularly Tyrannosaurus rex, a popular favorite among many children. During her childhood she would sometimes pretend to be a tyrannosaur stalking prey through ancient forests.

The 2018 incident showed the extent of Maisie’s love for animals. When Isla Nublar’s dinosaurs were on the verge of death in a cloud of toxic gas, she took the initiative to release them into the wild to save them. She had just spent several minutes narrowly avoiding being killed by another dinosaur, the genetically-engineered Indoraptor, but this did not curb her empathy for the rest of the animals.

Her willingness to trust other people is also greatly tied to her love of animals. She considers people who also love and care for animals to be trustworthy. Since 2018, Maisie has allied herself with the founder of the Dinosaur Protection Group, Claire Dearing, and animal handler Owen Grady.

Sir Benjamin Lockwood

Maisie was largely raised by her grandfather, the British billionaire philanthropist Sir Benjamin Lockwood. He doted on her and kept her sheltered from the world, both for her own safety and to keep her existence a secret. Although Maisie did not know it until after her grandfather’s death, he had intervened to create her by cloning his deceased daughter, Maisie’s mother. Since he was one of the very few people who knew about Maisie, his protection of her was vital to her safety.

Lockwood adored Maisie, but also sheltered her from information as much as from the outside world. He was entirely willing to discuss Jurassic Park and the welfare of the dinosaurs with her, and talked openly about her mother, but did not allow her to view pictures of her mother. Anything that might lead to her discovery that she was a clone, and not his natural-born granddaughter, was hidden. He instructed his staff members to follow suit. Lockwood also tried to dissuade her from thinking about the possibility that Mills would sell the dinosaurs, though this only ended up encouraging her to investigate further.

Although he hid information from her, Lockwood was still the person Maisie trusted most. She was very close with him, and was anguished to discover that he had died during the 2018 incident. Her discovery that she had been cloned at his wishes did not come until after his death; she has not yet shown any signs of how this fact has affected her memory of him.

Charlotte Lockwood

Because she died before Maisie was old enough to remember, she mostly knew Charlotte Lockwood from the memories her grandfather shared. She was very curious about what her mother was like and often asked questions about her. Lockwood, for fear of Maisie discovering that she was a clone and not her mother’s natural-born child, did not allow her to look at pictures of Charlotte, but he did describe her openly as having a personality like Maisie’s and resembling her. He taught Maisie the same story for Charlotte that he told outsiders: that she had died in a car crash, rather than from a genetic disorder.

On June 23, 2018, Maisie finally was able to see a photograph of her mother following her grandfather’s death. She viewed a photo of her mother from when she was the same age, noticing their striking similarity. Later that night, she learned that she was her mother’s clone, created at her grandfather’s whim. For the next four years, Maisie held some feelings of resentment over this, but finally learned the truth in 2022. She had not been cloned by her grandfather in an act of grief, but by her mother directly and intentionally. Charlotte Lockwood had always wanted a child, but a supposedly incurable and invariable fatal genetic disorder meant that her child would not live long. After creating Maisie, Charlotte used a novel method to cure every cell in Maisie’s body, but died before she could cure herself.

Thanks to Henry Wu, Maisie was able to view video logs of her mother’s life as a scientist. She now understood her grandfather’s memories in a new light, but also finally felt a real connection to Charlotte. Maisie ended up disclosing her genetic material to the scientific community in order to better the world the way her mother would have done.

Iris Carroll

In her early childhood, Maisie’s primary caretaker (along with her grandfather) was Iris Carroll, who had cared for her mother a generation ago. Carroll was one of the very few people who knew of Maisie’s existence as well as the illegal means her mother had used in order to create her. This made Carroll more than a maternal figure, but a guardian, protecting Maisie from the danger of being discovered by outsiders. Carroll cared for Maisie’s health and wellness, especially as her mother passed away and Lockwood’s health declined in his old age. Carroll was also presumably in charge of most aspects of Maisie’s education; she attempted to teach her to speak using the Queen’s English, though hints of American English were still present in Maisie’s dialogue.

Despite Carroll’s strict attitude, she allowed Maisie to call her by her first name.

Maisie was a spirited child and far from obedient, taking delight in teasing Carroll and hiding from her as a game. Likewise, Carroll’s approach to raising her was strict and authoritative. Nonetheless, they clearly had a loving relationship; even while Carroll reprimanded Maisie’s behavior, she found it endearing, and Maisie’s teasing always had an affectionate intent. When Benjamin Lockwood was found dead during the 2018 incident, Carroll was fired by the estate manager Eli Mills; she never had a chance to say goodbye to Maisie, who was hiding from the traitorous Mills. The normally stern and stoic Carroll showed rare signs of becoming emotional at having to leave Maisie on such short notice, and Maisie was despondent at losing not only her grandfather but the only other adult she knew she could trust.

Eli Mills

The Lockwood Foundation’s estate manager Eli Mills was hired sometime before roughly 2010, at which point Maisie would have been around two years old. This means that Mills was one of the main adults in Maisie’s childhood. While she mainly was raised by Iris Carroll, Mills was familiar to her as he was always around the house working with her grandfather. Mills was set to become her primary guardian after Lockwood’s death.

Mills, however, was more concerned with making money than being a father figure to Maisie. However, he gladly accepted the role as guardian since this would place him one step closer to acquiring the Lockwood fortune (since Maisie does not legally exist, it is unlikely Lockwood could will his wealth to her directly, leaving it with a guardian instead).

During the 2018 incident, Maisie became suspicious that Mills was hiding something about the dinosaur rescue operation. She investigated, learning that he planned to bring the dinosaurs to the mainland and sell them on the black market. Mills eventually discovered her investigation and locked her in her room, but she continued to plot against him and escaped. She was unable to reach her grandfather, who she found dead in his room, or Carroll, who was fired by Mills while Maisie hid and watched helplessly from inside a dumbwaiter. Instead, to defeat Mills, Maisie ended up finding help in the form of Owen Grady and Claire Dearing. The last she saw of Mills, however, was his revelation that she was a clone of her mother; the escaped Indoraptor interrupted this confrontation, and she never saw him again.

Although Maisie was separated from Mills for the rest of the incident, her decision to save the dinosaurs from extinction directly led to Mills’s death. When the stressed animals fled from the estate, Mills was targeted by the angry tyrannosaur and thrashed to death. Maisie, of course, had no way of knowing that Mills was in the dinosaurs’ path and had not intended to kill him.

Other Lockwood Manor staff

While the Lockwood estate was mainly staffed by Iris Carroll and Eli Mills, it employed other people as well. Lockwood employed a chauffeur, and since Carroll was occupied taking care of both him and Maisie, it is likely that other staff were brought in to clean the mansion and prepare food for its inhabitants. If any of these staff members lived there long-term, they would have presumably had some interaction with Maisie, though there is no evidence that any of Lockwood’s employees other than Carroll and Mills knew about her origin. Lockwood did hire tutors for her education, but the story they were told about her is unclear. In any case, Lockwood would have had to pay them for their silence.

Between 2015 and 2018, Mills employed numerous scientists including Henry Wu as well as many security personnel at the estate. These were to help service and safeguard Wu’s military bioengineering projects, such as the Indoraptor. Presumably, the lab equipment would have had to be installed by outside employees as well. It appears that at least some of these new staff, such as Wu, were living at the estate, but many probably commuted there. Lockwood was mostly unaware of these newcomers and did not know what was being done beneath his home, but Maisie did not become suspicious until the 2018 incident and had probably assumed that the new staff were employed with her grandfather’s knowledge. Mills openly discussed Maisie’s origin in front of two security guards during the 2018 incident, and they did not show signs of surprise; this suggests that Mills’s employees knew about her origin. They, like Wu, were all at the estate on illegal business, reducing the chances that they might disclose Lockwood’s crime and Maisie’s existence to outsiders.

Maisie’s choice to release the imperiled dinosaurs resulted in the deaths of at least two of Mills’s security guards, who were attacked and killed by the stressed animals as they fled.

De-extinct animals

Maisie never visited Isla Nublar; her creation violated the law, so Lockwood could not permit her to leave the estate. However, she grew up learning about the animals and how her mother and grandfather loved them. During 2017 and 2018, the dinosaurs’ lives were put under threat as Isla Nublar experienced an increase in volcanic activity. The U.S. government, which had become increasingly indifferent to animal welfare and environmental concerns, opted to do nothing and allow the animals to die; even Masrani Global Corporation made no effort to help. Lockwood funded an illegal mission to save the animals, much to Maisie’s excitement.

The mission turned sour when Lockwood’s estate manager Eli Mills brought the animals to the mainland, rather than to Sanctuary Island as promised, to sell them on the black market. Maisie took great concern upon discovering his betrayal and attempted to stop him, though she was caught and locked in her room by Mills. While she was investigating, she learned about the I.B.R.I.S. Project and the four Velociraptors it yielded, including a particularly empathic individual named Blue.

The dinosaurs were delivered to the Lockwood estate on June 24. Maisie managed to escape into the sub-basement where the dinosaurs were being held during the auction, joining with Dinosaur Protection Group members to try and save the creatures. A Stygimoloch had already been released, but many other dinosaurs were being sold as the night went on. The auction was halted by Maisie’s newfound allies, but the remaining dinosaurs were put in mortal peril due to a hydrogen cyanide gas leak that occurred during the battle in the manor. Although the adults decided that saving the dinosaurs was too risky, since it would put them forever outside of human control, Maisie could not bear to watch them die and released them into the wild. Some of these animals were the last of their kind, so Maisie’s act of empathy saved them from a second extinction.

In the course of the incident, she did meet the raptor Blue that she had seen videos of. Blue had been brought to the manor and sought out her father figure, animal trainer Owen Grady. She protected him from the attacking Indoraptor, and by extent protected Maisie from the creature as well.

Claire Dearing

Maisie first encountered Dinosaur Protection Group founder and leader Claire Dearing on June 22, 2018 when she was summoned to the Lockwood estate to discuss the rescue mission. Maisie listened in on their discussion from above the diorama room, but hid herself when Dearing spotted her. This made Dearing one of very few outsiders to know of Maisie’s existence, though Eli Mills covered up her origins with the usual explanation.

Due to the ensuing events, Maisie did not see Dearing again until the night of June 24 after she discovered her grandfather had died and the black-market auction was well underway. By that time, she no longer knew whether she could trust Dearing, since Dearing had agreed to work with the traitorous Mills. Dearing promised that she was a friend, but Maisie attempted to run away. However, she also recognized animal trainer Owen Grady, who she knew loved dinosaurs and wanted to keep them safe. Since Grady trusted Dearing, Maisie reasoned that Dearing’s desire to protect the dinosaurs was genuine too, and opened up to the both of them.

Since the events of 2018, Dearing has become a surrogate mother figure for Maisie, taking on the role of keeping her safe from the world as she grows and matures. They do have their differences; the incident in 2018 showed this much, as Dearing believed the morality of saving the dinosaurs was not worth the risks of having them exposed to the outside world. Maisie believed just the opposite, considering the risks entirely worth it if it meant the dinosaurs could live.

Owen Grady

During her investigation of Eli Mills, Maisie discovered video logs from InGen Security’s I.B.R.I.S. Project that Henry Wu had been using for research. In the videos, a man (who she later learned was named Owen Grady) documented the lives of four young Velociraptors as he raised them from eggs. Maisie recognized Grady’s love for the dinosaurs, a love that she also felt.

The day after this, she met Grady in person while fleeing from Mills after discovering that her grandfather had died. While she did not immediately know if his friend Claire Dearing could be trusted, she believed that since Grady cared about dinosaurs and wanted to keep them safe, it meant he was a good person. Since Grady trusted Dearing, Maisie chose to trust her as well. Grady helped them all escape from the basement and stop the auction of the dinosaurs, and after the Indoraptor escaped its cage, Grady risked his life to protect her from the creature.

Like Dearing, he actually did not consider freeing the dinosaurs to be worth the unpredictable risks it would create, a position that Maisie strongly disagreed with as she opted to save the dinosaurs’ lives anyway. This decision did not impact Grady or Dearing’s sense of responsibility in caring for Maisie, nor did Maisie lose any affection toward her newfound surrogate family for it. When Blue chose to leave Grady for the freedom of the wild, Maisie was quick to comfort him over his loss.

Since the 2018 incident, Grady has become a surrogate father figure for Maisie, taking on the task of keeping her safe from both human and animal threats.

Indoraptor prototype

When Maisie was investigating Eli Mills to find evidence of his betrayal, she overheard him talking with Henry Wu about a mysterious “prototype.” She would soon discover a bizarre creature lurking in a dark cage within the sub-basement when she hid from Mills and Wu, backing too close to the cage and drawing the creature’s attention. It lightly tousled her hair, apparently delighting in frightening her.

That night, she joined with DPG activists to disrupt the black-market auction happening within the estate. At the auction’s halfway point, the monster from the basement was brought out and put on display, introduced as the Indoraptor: a combination of the hybrid Indominus rex and the Velociraptor created by Wu as a living weapon. While her allies succeeded in preventing it from being taken out of the estate, it was released at some point during the night. It soon found Maisie and her allies, chasing Maisie throughout the mansion. Although she evaded it, the animal tracked her to her room where it entertained itself frightening her again. She was saved by the intervention of Owen Grady and the Velociraptor Blue, who fought off the creature.

Ultimately, the Indoraptor was killed by Blue with assistance from Dearing and Grady. Maisie was terribly shaken but unharmed, and her love of dinosaurs was unscathed. The incident with the Indoraptor, while frightful, was extremely out-of-context for Maisie since she had very little background on its history and no idea that it existed.

Zia Rodriguez

After being rescued by Claire Dearing and Owen Grady during the 2018 incident, Maisie became acquainted with two of Dearing’s coworkers including paleoveterinarian Zia Rodriguez. She, along with her coworker and friend Franklin Webb, alerted Dearing, Grady, and Maisie to the disaster unfolding beneath the mansion in which the dinosaurs were about to die of hydrogen cyanide poisoning. Rodriguez appeared more conflicted than Dearing or Grady about whether to rescue the dinosaurs by releasing them into the wild, and comforted Maisie when it appeared that they might all perish. However, she did not stop Maisie from freeing the dinosaurs, even though she would have noticed the girl leaving her side and heading for the emergency button. After the events of 2018, Rodriguez helped Dearing and Grady keep Maisie hidden from the authorities.

Franklin Webb

Along with Dearing’s colleague Zia Rodriguez, former Masrani Global IT worker Franklin Webb alerted Dearing, Grady, and Maisie about the threat to the dinosaurs beneath the mansion. He appeared conflicted about the morality of releasing them, like Rodriguez. Although the adults chose to let the dinosaurs succumb rather than risk the unknown, Maisie disagreed and released the frightened animals into the wild. After this, Webb helped Maisie’s adoptive parents keep her hidden, and aided them tracking her down in 2022 when she was kidnapped by BioSyn agents.


Maisie Lockwood is portrayed by Isabella Sermon, except for scenes of her as a baby where she is instead portrayed by an uncredited baby. She is not based on any specific character in Michael Crichton‘s novels. Because the issue of human cloning drove apart Hammond and Lockwood in the story, many fans assumed that Charlotte Lockwood died prior to 1993 and that attempts to clone her had been going on for decades; however, unused film props confirmed her date of death in 2008. Colin Trevorrow, who directed the first Jurassic World and advised on Fallen Kingdom, confirmed via Twitter that Maisie was not born until 2009 and that Hammond and Lockwood’s controversy was over the concept of human cloning rather than a specific instance of its application. Jurassic World: Dominion retconned these dates to have Maisie’s birth in August 2007 and Charlotte’s death in early 2009.

The character of Maisie Lockwood appears to have been at least partially inspired by the youth and child climate activists who rose to prominence in the late 2010s. Like them, Maisie is portrayed as young and idealistic, with a conviction for righteousness in her heart. Ultimately she is the one who saves the dinosaurs when the adults cannot, a parallel to the youth activists taking responsibility for the environment when adults fail to do so. Like many aspects of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, this political symbolism endeared Maisie to more liberal fans, while infuriating far-right conservative fans who oppose both youths and environmentalism.

According to early reports, Maisie’s name may originally have been planned to be Lucy.