Mantah Corp Offsite Facility (S/F)

The Mantah Corp offsite facility is a former research and testing location operated by Mantah Corp on an uninhabited, privately-owned island in the Gulf of Fernandez. It was used for genetically engineering, cloning, housing, and studying de-extinct and hybrid animal species in tightly controlled environments. The facility is made up of three levels: a series of five artificial biomes on the surface (arid desert, redwood forest, tropical rainforest, polar ice cap, and tropical swamp), a series of asset transport tunnels, and finally a lower series of tunnels connected to operation facilities including a geothermal power plant. The main control compound and many other operations buildings are located on the surface in the rainforest biome, while the medical bay is located directly below the swamp biome. A field research office is located within the redwood biome.

In 2022, the facility was shut down by the Department of Prehistoric Wildlife for unauthorized housing of de-extinct animals amidst a United States government investigation of Mantah Corp.

Species housed