Masrani Energy (S/F)

Bakri Sarrah

Masrani Energy was a subsidiary of Masrani Global Corporation that focused on energy resources. Masrani Energy was founded in 1996 in the heart of Abu Dhabi, a strategic location sitting in the middle of three continents.  The company diversified quickly, and within a decade expanded from crude oil and natural gas to renewable resources like wind, hydroelectric, and solar.  Masrani Energy remains Masrani Global Corporation’s largest moneymaker; generating 491.29 million dollars in 2014, and providing for 21% of the world’s transportation sector.

In 1998, Masrani Energy began experimental wind energy trials, and soon after began to establish wind energy farms worldwide. The Cerberus Array off the coast of the United Kingdom is such example of Masrani Energy’s farms; producing 450MW of electricity from 120 turbines. Masrani Energy had invested 48 million dollars to research blade architecture in 2014 to provide wind-power solutions to South Africa, the Philippines, and the south-west of Australia.

Masrani Energy also sought to be the world’s top provider of solar energy, having invested millions in nanotechnology solar cell research and established a solar cell research grid in China among leading universities.  Apart from wind and solar energy, Masrani Energy also invested time and money to pursue hydroelectric power; providing clean energy to European cities since 2004. The company was working closely with Axis Boulder to produce revolutionary hydroelectric turbines, which would have created double the current energy output. While Masrani Energy had invested millions into alternative energies, the company generated largest profits from crude oil.

Bakri Sarraf was the Director of Operations for Masrani Energy.