Mattel Announces John Hammond figure exclusive to SDCC 2019

In a move that is sure to delight fans, Mattel has announced it will be doing a Jurassic World exclusive for San-Diego Comic Convention this year with the release of a John Hammond figure. Unfortunately, you will have to attend the convention itself in order to confirm your order for it to be shipped out to you. There is a limit though with 5 per person attending. Anything more than that Mattel says they will disregard. While this is exciting news it is also disappointing news since Hammond’s been one of most-wanted figures since Kenner held the license and began producing toys when the first film came out way back in 1993. If you’re able to attend SDCC this year, you’ll need to order your exclusive online first and swing by the Mattel booth to confirm it out with your convention badge and other information in order for it to be shipped. Hopefully Mattel will eventually offer the figure in a way that gives everybody a chance to grab this most-coveted and desired figure. You can go to Mattel’s site to place your order. Remember: There is a limit of 5 per attendee and you must check-in at the Mattel booth in order to confirm the order for it to be shipped out to you! Check out the images below, and good luck!


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