Mattel serves up Jimmy Buffet’s Jurassic World cameo for it’s newest SDCC Comic con exclusive!

For the past several years, it has been a ‘Comic Con’ tradition that Mattel will release a Jurassic Park/World figure iit’s line of SDCC exclusives. This year is no different, as Mattel has now announced that Jimmy Buffet will receive his very first Jurassic World figure, based on his memorable cameo in the film. Mattel Creations website posted the following press release on it’s product page:

“Jurassic World fans and Parrotheads alike fondly remember Jimmy Buffett’s cameo “saving” two margaritas as dimorphodons attack and swarm Jurassic World attendees. Inspired by this movie moment, our Jimmy Buffet action figure wears his island apparel, including sunglasses and flip-flops. He stands atop a margarita-style platform, surrounded by “flying” dimorphodons that circle him as the tiki hut-style base turns. In honor of Buffett’s philanthropic legacy, Mattel will donate $5,000 and 5,000 toys to Singing for Change.”

This set will retail for $30.00, and will be available for purchase both on-site at the Mattel booth at SDCC, and also on Mattel Creations. The packaging for the set is certainly inspired, being shaped like a Margarita pitcher. In addition, this is a very fun inclusion of a character that would otherwise not receive a mainline product from Mattel. Will you purchase this set?  We at Jurassic-pedia are extremely excited for it!



Source: Jurassic World Hammond Collection Bubbles Up Jimmy Buffett Figure.