Miles Chadwick (S/F-T/G)

Miles Chadwick was an employee of Lewis Dodgson who, along with Nima, was part of a backup plan to retrieve the embryo cold storage can should Dennis Nedry fail to show up at the East Dock. After entering the park, he and Nima climbed over the electrical fence around one of the Dilophosaurus Paddocks in search of Nedry; the fence was deactivated due to Nedry’s hacking work. They discovered Nedry’s body and succeeded in recovering the cold storage can, but were suddenly confronted by a Dilophosaurus. It spat at Miles–who was saved from the venom by his glasses–and he responded by firing a handgun at it, causing the dinosaur to flee. Mere moments later, though, he and Nima were suddenly surrounded by a whole pack of the carnivores. To try to save himself, he threw Nima to the dinosaurs to try to distract them, but the dinosaurs instead turned on him and he was killed by two of the dilophosaurs.

From what small time Miles appeared in-game, he was ruthless and cowardly and often relying on Nima for tasks to be done and finally, offering her to the dilophosaurs so that he could escape.