Mitch and Tiff’s Yacht (S/F)

The Poacher Yacht

The Yacht was utilized by Mitchell and Tiffany as they traveled to Isla Nublar with Hap on their illegal expedition to poach Dinosaurs. They would park it at the Northwest Dock, as they would have needed to be able to easily load trophies onto the Yacht.

Tiff would race back to the dock after abandoning Mitch, and drive off, taunting Darius and Brooklynn as she did so. However, as she attempted to leave the island, she would be attacked and killed by the Baryonx duo Chaos and Limbo, who crashed into the pilot’s area. The boat would proceed to drift, but not leaving the coast line of the Island for over six months.

The campers would eventually discover the Yacht, and proceed to commandeer it for their own. They discovered that it was out of gas, and that the radio and controls had been busted during the attack. There was also a large hole on the side of the yacht, so they decided to take it to the Northwest dock in an attempt to patch the boat. They are forced to flee the docks soon after due to territorial Ouranosaurs, but decide to head to the Penthouse in order to find gas, and have another area to park the boat.

The group manages to find sealant to patch the hole in the boat, and it takes about 48 hours to fully seal. The group reconvenes at Camp Cretaceous while they wait, and later would send Yaz to go back to the yacht, only to discover that there is a storm arriving. Their departure would be delayed, and eventually Darius and Ben would discover that the rest of the campers had left without them due to the threat posed by Scorpios Rex. The other campers would only return after they believed Scorpios to have left, but docked the boat again to search for Darius and Ben.

After the group was reunited and returned to the dock, they would attempt to set sail again, however they were ordered to return to the dock by two approaching helicopters. Returning to the dock, the children would disembark, and not return to the docks area until the next day. The group leaves the island in the yacht, however a low growl from within the yacht indicates that there is an animal stowed away.