Fleetwood RV/Mobile Lab (S/F)

011Not to be confused with Dr. Grant‘s Mobile Laboratory from the dig near Snakewater, Montana in 1993.

The mobile lab used by the research team commissioned by Dr. John Hammond in 1997 was a modified ’96-’97 Fleetwood Southwind Storm recreational vehicle, or RV. The living spaces of the vehicle were mostly removed in order to add additional equipment, and the exterior was further modified with additional lights and structural reinforcement to most of the windows to be able to stand up to the inhabitants of Isla Sorna. It was also given a camouflage coloration.

TrailersInsideThe rear of the trailers was fitted with an array of equipment, including many electronics, for research, among them communications equipment, microscopes, and an ultrasound machine. Though it is not seen very well, the living quarters would have been located in the front of the trailer, and included a stove, refrigerator, a sink, a lavatory, a small table with padded two-person benches, a map above this, a bookcase (the contents of which were secured via Velcro straps), and a two-person bunk.