Mobile Veterinary Unit (S/F)

The Mobile Veterinary Unit was a service vehicle in use by the Isla Nublar Veterinary Services of imageJurassic World. The vehicles, modified Mercedes Unimogs, carried medical supplies and non-lethal weapons, and could accommodate multiple personnel members, although there were no seats in the back. The Jurassic World vets would utilize these vehicles to delivery medical care in the field as they were well equipped to traverse the dirt and mud of Isla Nublar.

An MVU was seen on screen, alongside four vets treating a tranquilized Pachycepholosaurus, in the control room after Claire asked Vivian why the West Plains were closed. Claire herself took control of one of these vehicles during the failed InGen attack on the Indominus Rex hybrid, and had to endure, alongside her nephews, a vicious Velociraptor attack in the aftermath.