Modified Rabies Virus (C/N)

Rabies is a disease that can only be carried by warm blooded animals such as mammals. In 1986, Biosyn developed a rabies vaccine that was composed of a rabies virus modified to be nonvirulent. However, it was modified so that the vaccine only had to cross the pulmonary alveoli in order to contract it. Biosyn staffers brought the virus in a carry on bag on the flight to Chile, which served as a source of consternation to Bob Morris, who fretted about what would have happened had the vial broken on the plane.

As part of a Vaccine test in Chile, Lewis Dodgson exposed several farmers to a modified version of Rabies without their knowledge. This test was undertaken soon after he joined Biosyn, and it was controversial because he had done it without their consent or knowledge. Though criminally negligent, no action was taken against either Dodgson or Biosyn. This was because the farmers that risked their lives were uneducated, and Chile had suffered no economic crises, and it was out of the American jurisdiction.

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