Monolophosaurus jiangi (S/F)

Monolophosaurus specimen

Monolophosaurus refers to a genus of Mid-Sized therapod, from the Middle Jurassic period, about 170 million years ago. This animal is known only from it’s Holotype fossil, and lived in what is now Xinjiang, China. It’s name means ‘Single Crested Lizard’.



Monolophosaurus has been estimated at 5.5 meters long, and weighing over 47kg by Gregory S. Paul. One of the more notable features of this animal, was that there was a large crest on it’s snout, which is largely formed out of the nasal bones. Masrani bred animals also possessed short spikes that extended from the base of the skull to the base of the neck.

Masrani bred Monolophosaurs also were sexually dimorphic. While one sex was bright-to dark green with a brown colored crest, the other was entirely drab greenish-brown. They possessed an overbite, where the teeth from the top half of the jaw were exposed, even with mouth closed.

Isla Nublar:

Monolophosaurs were bred for the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. At least nine specimens were cloned, although it is undetermined if they were on public display or not.

Interactions with Humans:

Darius and the rest of the Campers initially pass by a pair of Monolophosaurs as they head to Kenji‘s penthouse. The pair of animals do not attack, but merely follow them back to the penthouse, following the scent with the rest of the pack. The predators manage to expose a vent to gain entrance to the building, the entire pack following the scent of the children.

The pack would climb the stairs in pursuit of the children, chasing them through the overhead vents, elevator shaft, and into the Garage. The pack showed co-ordinated hunting behavior, working together to attempt to ambush their prey and wedge them into corners. They were willing to attempt to break through car doors and doors in pursuit of their prey. The attack on the children only ends when the Ankylosaurus, Bumpy, manages to knock them down during their pursuit.