Motorola Saber UHF radio (S/F)

Developed in 1989 by the US Military, it is debated to have the best selectivity that has ever been seen in a portable.  It is most noted for its slim design.  There were three styles made.  Radio with no display, 3 keypad with display and a full keypad with display.  The range of the radio frequency varies, from 400 MHz to nearly 500 MHz depending on the channel setting.

In “Jurassic Park,” the main radio body was altered from its standard black to a light grey color.  Dr. Ellie Sattler took one of these radios and gave another one to John Hammond and switched it to Channel 2.  Ellie attached a headset to her radio so her hands could be free while navigating the Maintenance Shed and restarting the generator.

This line of radios was discontinued in 2002.