Mr. Gold (S/F)

The investors, including Mr. Gold arrive on the Island

In 2016, Mr. Gold was invited by Daniel Kon along with Cyrus and Mr. Gold to tour the facilities of Mantah Corp Island as potential investors in the company.As the trio arrived, they were greeted by Daniel Kon, and led to a presentation in which Daniel Kon would demonstrate the control chips. He met Kenji Kon just before the presentation was due to begin. Daniel would have the group sit down while he demonstrated the control array on various dinosaurs including the Spinosaurus, Big Eatie, and a pair of Velociraptors. The investors, including Mr. Gold, were allowed to test the control chips, and they began instigating a fight between the animals.

However, campers would run in the middle of it, attempting to interrupt the proceedings. They were attacked by the dinosaurs. Mr. Gold was controlling Big Eatie, using her to harass the children, almost killing Darius Bowman and Brooklynn during the confusion. During the melee, he was distracted by Brooklynn, giving Darius enough time to get close and apply a control blocker to Big Eatie. Darius pressed himself flat on the ground as Big Eatie weighed him, instead turning and running towards Mr. Gold as he frantically turned to run, only to be squashed flat.