New Jurassic World: Evolution DLC on the way plus Free 1.5 Update

Frontier has announced that it will be introduce new DLC called “Secrets of Dr. Wu” along with a free 1.5 update for Jurassic World: Evolution. The new, free 1.5 update will feature the following features:

Additions to Dinosaur Behaviors
After looking at all of your feedback since launch, we’ve been working on improvements to dinosaurs and their behaviors. We’re happy to announce that we’re adding two highly requested additions: Group Leaders, which means dinosaurs will now look for an existing group leader and follow their behavior, actively keeping the dinosaurs together as a group.

Group Leaders can change during leadership contests, and the dinosaur with the highest prestige will lead the group. Groups try to stick together when fleeing from danger and when drinking, eating or sleeping. They can also be herded with the vehicles! Another addition to the dinosaurs is their sleeping behavior, which means dinosaurs will now take a nap when they are comfortable and idle. This also combines with groups, which will now often sleep at the same time. Finally, you will now be able to keep up to two Tyrannosaurs in an enclosure as well!

Day/Night Cycle
We’ve added a day/night cycle to all game modes to enable a more dynamic environment. This feature will be instantly available from the game play setting menu in both Challenge and Sandbox modes, but for the Career islands it’ll have to be unlocked as a setting by achieving 5 stars on each island. We can’t wait to see how this challenges you or what kind of creative images you can make on each island!

Higher Capacity Feeders
We’ve added larger capacity feeder types which require less resupply for you! This means you can worry less about your dinosaurs’ needs whilst attending other tasks. Please note this will not be applicable to the goat feeders.

New contracts
There’s a bunch of new contracts for you to get stuck into! Can you sell your dinosaur with a certain gene modification, or get the infamy rating to go through the roof!

We were also given a video to tease what’s to come in the DLC “Secrets of Dr. Wu” expansion:

Dr. Wu is looking for park associates with a track record in running a successful organisation and experience with the design of hybrid dinosaurs. Earn his trust, and you will embark on a business venture together which include all the features of this new content.

If you accept his mission, a new area will unlock on Isla Muerta, where Dr. Wu is working in secret to research and breed never-before-seen hybrid creatures… If you do well, you can unlock a host of new research options and upgrades. There’ll also be five new dinosaurs to provide additional challenges with their own behaviors and needs: the Troodon (which has a poison bite attack), the giant herbivore Olorotitan, and Dr. Wu’s special hybrids: Ankylodocus, Stegoceratops, and Spinoraptor will all be making their appearance here. There will be new genetic research items such as comfort genes, which will let you manipulate how tolerant dinosaurs are to their conditions beyond the expected traits, and, for the selected few Dr. Wu deems successful (or worthy…) enough, you can unlock the Indominus Rex camouflage gene; upon breeding an Indominus with this modification, it can camouflage when it exits its Creation Lab, hunts, panics, is idle, or is in a forest. Also there will be new building upgrades like additional Incubation Speed increase or Speed Increase for the transport team, plus an Advanced Storm Defense station to provide better protection against rough weather conditions.

The new free 1.5 update and paid DLC “Secrets of Dr. Wu” will be coming November 20th, 2018. So mark your calendars and get ready to return to Jurassic World: Evolution!

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