Nick Van Owen (CB-Topps)

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A member of the team sent to Isla Sorna, Nick van Owen had been chosen by John Hammond to make video documentation of the dinosaurs, having done a considerable amount of work in combat situations. He often carried around his own camera equipment with him. He also owned a van, with wich he arrived at Eddie’s Garage with. He formerly did volunteer work with Greenpeace, though openly admitted that he only did so because Greenpeace is 80% female, at least according to him. Nick was also a notorious ecoterrorist and an active environmentalist, which was another reason Hammond had hired him.

Nick aided in freeing dinosaurs that the hunters with the use of a pair of bolt cutters and a crowbar. The animals the hunters had captured had captured were set free and destroyed most of their vehicles.After finding a badly injured baby Tyrannosaurus, he took it back to the mobile lab trailer where he and Sarah mended its leg.

After the group made camp, he personally stole the shells from Roland Tembo‘s gun so that he couldn’t kill the bull tyrannosaur. Nick later saved Sarah and Kelly’s lives by pulling them behind a waterfall to escape from the female tyrannosaur, and was also the first to make it to the abandoned communications center to call for help. He escapes the island with the rest of the group.