Nick Van Owen Costuming Guide

Love him, or hate him, Nick Van Owen, the videographer of Dr. John Hammond‘s Isla Sorna expedition, has a well equipped ensemble. Breezy, multi pocketed clothing is a large part of Nick’s costume.







 Nick’s vest is a Willis & Geiger Bush Poplin Skeleton Coast Photojournalist Safari Vest. There appear to be no alterations to this vest, and Nick wears it through most of the first half of the film, until losing it when the Fleetwood RV trailers are pushed off a cliff by a pair of territorial Tyrannosaurus rex parents. Identification provided by RPF member Rymo.






Nick’s t-shirt is an olive drab short sleeved t-shirt tucked into Nick’s pants. For added battle damage, in after being worn for a few days during the trek across Isla Sorna, the collar to the t-shirt became stretched and ruffled, and Nick gained a medium sized tear at the seam on the left hand sleeve of the t-shirt.


Kinda look like these, but the front pocket flap is reversed.








TBD – Nick’s trousers are brown, cotton twill military style cargo pants with two thigh pockets. The brand of these pants are currently unknown. The front pockets have a snap closure flap sewn to the rear side of the pocket opening, similar, but in reverse to, the pair above produced by H&M. Nick wears them without tucking the seams into his boots.






Nick’s belt is a basic brown leather belt with a square, silver buckle.





Nick wears a vintage pair of Willis & Geiger leather hiking boots. These boots do not seem to have much wear, but the toe of the leather does have some scuffs on the top.


Bag – Nick uses a PortaBrace PC-303 bag, wherein he keeps his Nikon F5 SLR camera, JVC GR-DVM1 mini DV camcorder, and other equipment like his 14 inch Tekton bolt cutters. Jurassic-Pedia appreciates Rymo on the RPF for the identification on the camera bag.




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Nick wears a Victorinox Swiss Army Renegade model 24228 on his right wrist. This identification comes from Rymo on the RPF.

Nick has a tattoo of a complex design in black ink that is tattooed to the inside of his left  upper forearm, just below the elbow joint.