Nikon F5 (S/F)

One of the best quality cameras for the time, the Nikon F5 came into production in 1996 and continued through 2004, being replaced by the F6 design the next year.  The Nikon F5’s incredible list of features demands a different level of control and along with its display. So LCD is extensively used to accommodate these functions. One of the MOST important areas of change is the operation of the camera by the user.

The conventional method of input was changed to an unconventional method (for a Nikon) of using a Main/Sub Command Dial’s with a focus area selector located on the back of the camera to handle the five autofocus sensors.  Another feature that affects the method of the operation is the built-in Custom Settings feature. There is a separate input system via buttons that are positioned at the rear / bottom section of the camera. Dr. Sarah Harding was using a Nikon F5 during the Stegosaurus encounter.