Orick, California (S/F)

Orick as seen from Hwy 101

Orick is a small town in Northern California, approximately 5 miles from Lockwood Manor. A small, scenic town of less than 400, Orick is bisected by Hwy 101, the main north-south highway in California. Orick is dead center between Eureka, Ca and Crescent City, Ca, with approximately 42 miles between each. In 2018, Owen Grady and Claire Dearing infiltrated an illegal dinosaur auction taking place at Lockwood Manor under the direction of estate manager Eli Mills. Noticing a sign for Orick via Hwy 101 along a backdrive to Lockwood Manor, it was Owen Grady’s plan to use facilities in the town to alert authorities of the illicit auction and have it shut down. However, Grady and Dearing were captured by Ken Wheatley before they could enact this plan, forcing them to seek alternative methods of halting the auction.