Park Veterinarian Costuming Guide

Gerry Harding (played by producer Gerald Molen) is the park veterinarian for Jurassic Park, and his costume, due to its simplicity and ease of putting together, has been very popular with the Jurassic Park fandom, and many Jurassic Park cosplayers in general. The costume does not have a lot of unique effects to it, making it one of the costumes of choice for many.


-AG-415 style US Army green short sleeved shirt with the epaulets removed
-White undershirt
-Yellow field Jurassic Park logo with white edging patch on left sleeve. These are relatively easy to find online, and although most are iron-on, it is suggested that they are sewn on for better permanence.






-AG-489 style US Army green dress pants
-Simple black belt
-ID Badge is worn on the belt to the left side.
-EMT pouch kit worn at right side.



-Prestige Medical K775 Black leather EMT utility pouch
-Scissors with light gray plastic handles
-Unpolished gold mini-Maglite in a separate pouch right behind the EMT pouch




-Forest Green with brown bill ball cap by RockPoint. Same logo as on sleeve is to be attached to the front. of the cap.






-Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses
-Green lenses, gold frames



-L.L. Bean Wellies
-Pants tucked into the boots to keep clean of dino-droppings.

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