Penthouse Building (S/F)

The Penthouse Building

The Penthouse building was reserved for VIPS for the Jurassic World theme park on Isla Nublar. Intended for guests’s privacy, it had a private dock, as well as it’s own private access road that led to the dock, and elsewhere in the park. Access to the Penthouse building was controlled via special access keycards, although park staff cards could also access the building provided they had clearance to do so.

Kenji showcasing the Penthouse suite

Inside, the Penthouse was composed of several floors of exclusive suites, each accessible via a personal keycard. Kenji’s father owned one of these suites, and Kenji and his father stayed here when he visited the park. The interior of Kenji’s penthouse suite was richly decorated, with lavish furniture, including expensive art pieces and a golden bust of a Sinoceratops. The basement of the penthouse contained a garage which contained limousines for guests, as well as their personal cars.

The Penthouse remained one of the few buildings on the Island that remained dinosaur free until six months after the fall of Jurassic World. The campers, led by Kenji, would utilize the keycard to access the Penthouse to scour the rooms for supplies. Unbenownest to them, a pack of Monolophosaurs were tracking them, and managed to enter the building via breaking open a grate. Once inside, they were able to access the various floors of the building, including the floor of Kenji’s penthouse, and the garage. The animals caused significant damage, breaking through the doors to suites, and breaking the elevator system.