Peter Ludlow (JN)

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Nephew of John Hammond and uncle to Tim and Lex Murphy. This quietly spoken but hateful man was responsible for destroying Dr. Ian Malcolm‘s career. He made certain no one would believe Malcolm’s claims about what had happened at Jurassic Park. Ludlow was also apparently married, due to the fact he was shown to wear a wedding band. He used the incident involving the Bowman’s discovery of Isla Sorna to dethrone his uncle and make himself CEO of InGen Bioengineering. InGen was all but bankrupt after the incident on Isla Nublar. Ludlow, who knew of the existence of Site B on Isla Sorna, decided to bail the company out by exploiting the island’s dinosaurs. He assembled a ragtag group of hunters and mercenaries, including the famed Roland Tembo, and went to Sorna. Using a virtual army of snaggers, jeeps, trucks, and motorcycles, his men rounded up several dinosaurs, tearing up the terrain of the island in the process. Ludlow planned to take them back to the mainland to put on display at zoos. However, thanks to the actions of Nick Van Owen, his attempts failed, albeit briefly. He arranged for the male Tyrannosaur, which had been tranquilized by Roland, and its baby to be shipped back to San Diego aboard the cargo ship S.S. Venture. This resulted in the adult Rex escaping and running loose in the city, killing one person and causing general chaos. When Ian Malcolm and Dr. Sarah Harding brought the baby Rex back to the S.S. Venture, hoping to lure the parent there, Ludlow attempted to recapture the young dinosaur by himself. This ended in his demise. Cornered by the adult, he became the baby’s first kill when its father used him to teach it how to hunt.