Pierce (S/F)

Kash forces Big Eatie and Pierce into fighting

Pierce is a male Kentrosaurus aethiopicus bred by Mantah Corporation. Pierce was housed in the rainforest biome of the Mantah Corp research facility, on their private island. Pierce was raised by Dr. Mae Turner, and she conducted behavioral studies on his temperament and responses.

The Kentrosaur is carried by the snowmobiles

In mid 2016,  Pierce would be herded by the BRADs and other drones on the island into the Snow Biome, where it would stay until discovered by Dr. Turner and six children. They decide to rig the Kentrosaur to a snowmobile, and successfully manage to transport the animal into the tunnels. Once safely inside the tunnels, Dr. Turner uses her tablet to try to monitor an agitated Pierce, as she, Darius Bowman, and Ben Pincus lead it into the Desert Biome.

Darius attempts to bond with Pierce

Darius uses the tablet to attempt communication with Pierce, but this is apparently unsuccessful. After the children leave, Kash. D. Langford would utilize drones to herd Pierce into the Redwood forest in order to force the animal into a confrontation with Big Eatie. The two animals are forced to fight, seriously wounding each other, before Darius manages to stop the fight. The two animals are then taken to the Med Bay to recover from their wounds.

Dr. Turner and Ben would later escord the Kentrosaurus to the Swamp biome, although they were chased by BRADs on the way. As they reached the swamp biome, the group, including Pierce, are ambushed by a pack of Dilophosaurus. However, of Sammy, Yaz, and Brooklynn, in a snowmobile scares them off. Shortly after, the group, including Pierce are surrounded by BRAD-Xs, led by Daniel Kon and Kash D. Langford.