Pteranodon longiceps "hippocratesi" (IDW-DitD)

The Pteranodons of Jurassic Park 3 are front and center in Devils in the Desert, the second Jurassic Park comic series released by IDW. The pterosaurs look much like the Papo Pteranodon figure, which was based of the JP3 pteros.

In this story it’s explained that the Pteranodons rode changing currents from the island(s) up to Southern California, essentially migrating so that they could nest. It’s implied that the dinosaurs may do this same thing as well in the comics.

The Pteranodons nest in the hills and mountains of Southern California (precise location not stated.) They are extremely hostile and territorial, much like they are in Jurassic Park 3. They start out killing cattle, and quickly start attacking and killing people. Will Tobias heads a team of FBI, cops, and paleontologists to hunt for the creatures. After killing the adult pterosaurs (probably the ones that escaped in the third film) the team finds out that the pteros had indeed nested, and the eggs had hatched. The juvenile Pteranodons then go around keeping the chaos going.

InGen steps in towards the end of the series and captures a few of the remaining pteros, and takes them back. But three remain, and Monica Alvarez and Will Tobias chase the creatures towards a large city (possibly San Diego?) They crash land in a zoo, where Tobias is killed by the last Pteranodon and then the same pterosaur goes to attack Monica and gets in a death battle with a polar bear which it loses and it killed by the bear.