Rafael's Mansion and Compound (CB-Topps)

The drug lord Rafael Santos, had his own private compound deep in the Columbian Rainforest. This compound was guarded by his personal guards, as well as animal trainers to handle the captured Velociraptors. Rafael kept Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler hostage in the mansion, while the raptors were housed initially in a large glass dome intended as a containment system.

The Mansion itself was quite luxurious, although only small parts of it are seen. The room Alan Grant woke up in was equipped with television and video camera which was utilized to send messages across the building. This video system was tied into his security teamm, which fed him and his guards simultaneous video streams from around his compound for added security.

The room Grant woke up in was equipped with a bed, as well as an end table for its furniture. Grant himself had a cast on, and a cane was provided to help him walk better. Down the hallway there was a window which allowed visitors to observe the raptors in the glass dome, which was obscured by curtains. There was also an Aquarium in this hallway. Ellie was also injured, and thus was provided with a sling by Rafael’s men.

In his compound bunker, Rafael housed the raptors also in large animal cages. The raptors themselves were outfitted with electrified collars, which could be attached to chains. The compound was surrounded by heavy fencing, and was guarded by men carrying Assault Rifles and Uzi. The raptors were partially subdued through the use of tranquilizing gas, and the guards utilized gas masks to avoid the after-effects. In addition, a bulldozer can also be seen around the compound.

The pit in which the raptors were contained had a lawn chair so that Rafael could observe the raptors from a safe height. There were also straw dummies for the raptors to be utilized on for attack practice. These dummies were outfitted with an ‘I <3 NY’ T-shirt and a BDU cap as well.