Ramón (C/N)

Ramón was one of the maintenance workers who helped Robert Muldoon repair the fencing during the cleanup operation on Isla Nublar. While repairing the cutout near the jungle river, he was the only one to point out some lights in the jungle to the east, claiming they looked like headlights.

In fact, they were headlights, belonging to the Jeep which Denis Nedry had used to try to get the embryos to the East Dock, although Muldoon simply thought it was some fencing lights, and Ramón and the other workers were told to hurry up and finish repairing the fence when calls from the Park’s Dilophosaurus wetherilli “venenifer” drifted their way. His fate is unknown after this scene, although it is thought that he made it out alive before the Costa Rican Air Force fire-bombed Isla Nublar several hours later.

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