Reed (S/F)

Reed joins Wu in the tunnels

Reed was a mercenary sent by Eli Mills to retrieve the Indominus Rex sample in 2016. He was assigned to guard Dr. Henry Wu as he traveled to Isla Nublar personally to oversee the mission. As Dr. Wu made his way to his secret lab in the Maintenance tunnels, he would be assigned to assist in ridding the blocked entrance of debris. Afterwards, he would go with Mr. Hawkes as a bodyguard as they entered the lab.

Reed’s Death

Exploring the lab, the trio would not find much of interest, except for capturing Brooklynn, and determining that there were survivors still on the Island.  Realizing that there are others, Hawkes and Reed chase after what they believed to be the other children. Using his night vision, Reed would find two heat signatures that he believed to be the children, and went to investigate.  Thinking that the children were cornered, Reed accidently stumbled onto Chaos and Limbo, and they attacked and killed him.