River Barge (S/F)

06_700Used by the Kirby’s and Dr. Alan Grant during their quest to make it off of Isla Sorna in 2001 after being stranded on the island while Paul and Amanda Kirby searched for their twelve year old son, Eric, who had been stranded eight weeks prior during a paragliding accident. Originally spotted by Dr. Grant via binoculars while he and Eric searched for a way off the island, the two quickly reunited with the rest of the group. Making their way through the Aviary, the 69199753_ph3Kirbys and Dr. Grant barely made it out alive when they were attacked by the mutant Pteranodons that were being contained in the facility. Safely aboard the derelict vessel, the four humans sailed it all the way to the InGen Marina construction site, where they were once again attacked by the Spinosaurus. The Spinosaurus, leaping from the water, punctured the gas tank and smashed the bridge house on the barge, before finally sinking the barge in an effort to get at the humans inside.