Robert Muldoon (C/N)

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Robert Muldoon was Jurassic Park’s park warden. He was once a famous white hunter from Nairobi. Later he became greatly involved in conservation groups for zoos, and worked for a San Francisco company developing a wildlife park in North America. He started working for Jurassic Park when offered a very large salary. However, he also held an unromantic view about the dinosaurs, making him one of the view staff members that saw the dangers that could come with the park. Muldoon had wanted to increase security, though his suggestions were usually ignored or altered. Particularly, he realized the park’s Velociraptors were extremely dangerous. When Dennis Nedry shut down the park’s security systems Muldoon went to rescue John Hammond’s grandchildren in the park. He was accompanied by Donald Gennaro.

During their attempts to find the Land Cruisers, they discovered the severed leg of Ed Regis and an injured Ian Malcolm. Later, when the systems seemed to be working again, Muldoon oversaw the work on the park, such as making sure the fences were repaired. He and Gennaro also found the dead body of Nedry, and where able to remove the rocket launcher from the back of his jeep. Muldoon also attempted to secure the park’s adult Tyrannosaurus rex, and succeeded in tranquilizing it (though the effects were not felt by the animal until some time later). When power was lost to the park due to John Arnold’s mistake, he moved to destroy the park’s adult Velociraptors before they became a deadly problem. He was able to kill one, and injure another. After loosing the Velociraptors, Muldoon fled to the Safari Lodge for safety. He later convinced Gennaro to go into the Velociraptor nest, and was later rescued by helicopter.