Roberta "Bobbie" Carter (C/N)

Dr. Roberta Carter, aka Bobbie, was a medical doctor that was working in the fishing village of Bahía Anasco, Costa Rica shortly before the “InGen Incident”. She had experience in emergency medicine due to two years of residency at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago. At the clinic in Bahía Anasco, she was brought a patient, presumably from Isla Nublar, that needed immediate treatment. In this time, Dr. Carter had brief contact with Ed Regis, who would not tell her the truth about the patient’s supposed construction accident. She speculated that if the construction was using inexperienced local workman on the project, accidents like these must be frequent.

Her medical experience was enough for her to determine the young man had been mauled, and photographed the injuries with an Olympus camera. However, before she could begin operating, her patient expired, but not before saying ‘Lo Sa raptor’. Due to her limited understanding of the Spanish language or local superstition, she asked about the term “raptor” mentioned by the patient, which lead into discussion of the “hupia“, of which the people she asked refused to discuss for long.  Her assistant Manuel  claimed that ‘raptor’ was not  a spanish word. She also used her Spanish as well as English dictionaries to look up the meaning of the term “raptor”, which gave it also as ‘Bird of Prey’.