San Diego (CB-Topps)

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San Diego is a large city located in southern California. It is a port city, as well as a naval town. It was through this port that Peter Ludlow held a publicity reception at the main customs dock to advertise the arrival of the captured Tyrannosaurus aboard the S.S. Venture. This reception was gated and well attended by security, and Ludlow held the reception at the far end of the dock.

This dock was later destroyed as the Tyrannosaurus had killed all personal on board, and the S.S Venture crashed into the dock. As the Tyrannosaur rampaged through downtown San Diego, it smashed various vehicles as well during its rampage and terrorized the citizens of San Diego. It eventually attracted a retinue of police helicopters as well.

In San Diego, there was also the construction site for Jurassic Park: San Diego. It was only partially completed, and the only animal housed in it during the time of the San Diego incident was the juvenile Tyrannosaur. Security was not very tight at the construction site as only two security guards were seen.