Sarah Harding Costume Guide

Sarah Harding‘s a behavioral paleontologist who appears as Ian Malcolm‘s girlfriend in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. While not a fan favorite, she certainly adds to the pantheon of characters in this franchise.

Sarah Harding wears a beige cotton trucker type-3 jacket of unknown brand, possibly Levi’s. In the movie, the jacket buttons are silver, but the closest match has dark buttons of unknown material.

Harding wears a burgundy/dark red Michael Stars v-necked, short-sleeved T-shirt under her bush jacket. Here’s the screen used one alongside a similar shirt:

Shirt ID courtesy of RPF member Petar.

Sarah wears olive drab corduroys pants of an unknown brand. Pictured are a similar pair.

Plain brown belt with a square silver buckle. Any belt of this description should work.

Boots and Socks:
The boots are a low cut brown leather boot with top stitching. The socks are a dual toned, the toes being grey with blue stitching separating them.

Sarah Harding’s bandana is plain olive drab and is kept rolled around her neck.

Sarah’s hair is kept tightly pulled back into a ponytail that is held into place with a plain brown rubber band scrunchie.

Although the brand is unknown, Sarah Harding’s watch is a brown leather banded watch with a round silver face. She wears it with the face on the underside of her wrist.

Lucky Pack:
Sarah Harding’s lucky pack, perhaps her most famous accessory, is a vintage Willis & Geiger rucksack. Heavily weathered, with dirt, holes and tears in it, this pack can be found most easily on eBay, as Willis & Geiger no longer exists.

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